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Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Birthday Wish

Am I really turning 35? That's ridiculous, and can't be true. I don't feel that old, but I guess birthday years don't lie. So as I approach the mid-mark of my thirties, it's obvious to me that I have more than I need. (understatement) I don't need a birthday gift, but what I would like more than anything for my birthday is to raise some money for Compassion. When I consider the poverty that children are living in all over the world I must do something. And thankfully, Compassion is already there. They are doing the amazing work to release children from the darkness of poverty, and bring them the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, releasing them from the greatest darkness there is. How can I NOT be apart of this? I determined a few years ago I would not live oblivious to them anymore. I will not ignore them. Because real faith says that's not what believers do. So I want to take this opportunity, as my birthday approaches, to ask for the best birthday gift ever. Will you check this out and donate even just a few dollars to Compassion for my birthday? There has to be some consolation for being 35 in a college town, right?

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