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Monday, June 26, 2006

Jesus in Emma's heart

Wanted to let you all know our exciting news! Emma accepted Christ on Father's Day! Of course, this is the most wonderful Father's Day gift for Rusty ever! (Your child's eternity) She and Rusty have these long talks on the weekends during nap time when all the other kids are sleeping. They have been talking seriously for about 9 months now. I knew she was getting close. Sunday, she and her Daddy were heading off to hang out together and she said "I want to talk about Jesus, Dad." So they did. For a long time. And when they came back, the three of us prayed together. Emma directed the prayer time, as only Emma would. Then when we were done, she hugged us and said "Good job, guys!" I think she thought we were all praying to accept Jesus for the first time! But Rusty and I felt like it was the best job of anything we've done as a parent. How precious to know your child's heart belongs to Him!!!
Since that day, God has 100% confirmed in us that the Holy Spirit takes residence immediately in our hearts. She has a passion to tell others about Jesus. She told us tonight, she just wants to know more about Jesus! She talks about praying on her own, while she's playing, and praying for other people to know Him. God is good, and He lives in my little girl.


Hendrick Family said...

We are SO PROUD OF YOU, Emma! Now, not only do we think you're wonderful, but you are our offical, forever and always sister in Christ! We love that! We are praying that God would teach you more and more about who He is every single day. Just watch your mom and dad...do what they do...they love you and Jesus too much to lead you astray!!

the Apels said...

This is the best decision you could ever make, Emma! We love you so much and are SOOOOOO EXCITED for you! What and even better big sister & friend you will be now that you have Jesus!-"Herby" and Charlie

Ryan & Melissa Shearer said...

Emma, welcome to the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus! You're my sister in Christ now! I am so excited for you and your desire to tell others about our Jesus. Miss you! -Melissa :)