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Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Unique Opportunity

My husband has some unique opportunities to share the Gospel.
It amazes me sometimes! For example, this week a man was dying, and Rusty had to let him know that he didn't have much time left, and then immediately went into 'what do you believe about God?' This man believed the God-thing was a bunch of junk. But my husband did all he could to share Christ with this man. He prayed with the man's family, as he so often does. I wish I could say the man accepted Christ, but he didn't. He passed away yesterday. Rusty was grieved, not only to lose a patient, but to lose him before he would accept the Truth. I know this is discouraging for him, but the fact is he has opportunities that I will never have. He meets people when they can feel the need for God more than ever. He ministers to families in crisis. And I'm so proud of him that he seizes these opportunities so boldly. Every patient that he sees fills out a spiritual questionnaire, asking if it would be okay with them if the doctor prayed with them. This is not PC. I can't imagine the professional criticism he might receive from some. My husband is so bold, and I'm so proud of him for making his whole life and work about sharing his faith. I pray that God would open my eyes to see the opportunities that He gives me in MY life, and make me bold. Pray for Rusty, and that God would use him to bring people to the Lord through his medical practice.


Anonymous said...

I believe God uses Rusty every day. What a privilege it is to be able to pray for your doctor and know that he allows God to speak truth to him and THROUGH him.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how God uses every aspect of our lives as a witness tool. I will be praying for Rusty in this area and also for you that God will show you the opportunities that you have to witness every day on field trips, the library and grocery store.
Love you.

Melodi said...

I don't feel like bawling tonight, so I'll just say, God has truly anointed Rusty for this ministry. People might be surprised to know how many doctors won't see foster children who are on Medicaid. That was only our beginning introduction to having a Christ-centered doctor. Having a chronically ill child has opened my eyes completely to the importance of a doctor who loves the Lord. I feel like God saw my pain, reached down His hand and said, "Here, Melodi. This is for you." Thank you, Lord.