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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bacak HOPE groupies...on wheels!

This was so fun! I didn't know how the kids would do, but Emma was a self-proclaimed "skating star!" Jax avoided stitches by sticking to the Fisher Price skates, and Justus showed off his stellar agility by being the only two-year-old with "moves." Rusty went directly back to the place and time when he was a superstar Xanadu skater. Luckily, I got to just sit with Treston on the sidelines and be entertained. We were hoping there might be a couple skate where Rusty and I could get out there and make out and embarrass everyone. But no such opportunity arose.
Seriously. This is definitely going to have to be budgeted into our Summer Fun. We've got to do this again HOPE group! Y'all are the best!


John Mark & Andy said...

Fun!!!!!!!!!!!! We have had very fun birthday parties for the kids there! Xanadu. Oh my. That I would have to see.


Arlene said...

The kids are getting SOOOOOOOO big!! How does that happen so fast?? Emma is a total little lady...and Justus is not the baby anymore :( I need to come see you Bacak family, I miss you loads!!!!!

Kathryn Berilla said...

How much fun. Michael loves to skate, Alex skates on carpet, I try really hard not to get hurt!!!

texasmcvays said...

YESSSSSS....Parker skates all over the house that is why she has helmet on in most of my blog pictures. Because she is so athletic she goes faster than her little mind can handle. Peyton however is our skating queen!We are looking foward to Peyton's skating into her 9th year at the rink! We may have to have a dry run with the HOPE Group! FUNNNN!

Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

So Fun!!
We miss you ALL!
Jude is a lil' toot. He would've loved to watch you all skate and would have giggled his little heart out.
Can't wait to see you!