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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bustin' our own rhymes

Remember my post about the psychotic nursery rhymes? Well, we've been making our own silly rhymes around here. I'm kind of proud of mine for Emma and Jax. Ready?
Emma doodle, kit n' kaboodle,
Your Mama loves you so.
And when you go to sleep at night,
she kisses you on the toe!
Jax, Jax, there ain't no backs,
You'll always be my honey.
With piratey pleasure,
you'll find buried treasure,
and send us all your money.
I love this pic. My crazy kids...they are truly unique. I love every phase they go through. The superhero phase, the dinosaur phase, the pirate phase (Jax's current one), every one of them is fun. They are so fun!!!
One of my favorite Emma-isms lately:
"Dad, you know what I blame you for?"
(now this is a disturbing way to start a conversation, and not one we thought we'd hear before the teen years.)
"You're such a great Dad you're freakin' me out!"
Also, she declared that heaven must have all the animal books you could ever want. You would never run out. (Educational books that tell you everything you never wanted to know about seals, or sharks, or whatever.) She has this unquenchable thirst for knowledge for animals.
Also, she has decided that not only will she be a veterinarian, but she will go to Africa and treat the mountain gorillas, like in this book we got from the library.
Then I'll say "And tell people about Jesus while you're there?" She's like (shrug) yeah. But I'll take care of the gorillas!
Jax, and I'm almost afraid to tell you this, because I'm not sure how it sounds, but he likes to carry things around in his shorts. Like magazines, swords (made from sticks and clothespins), paper towel rolls, that serve as a holster to some self-made weapon, you name it. If you show up at my house, odds are he is not wearing a shirt, because they "make him hot" and he's got his pants loaded down with up to five things. Sometimes he wears his boxers, and then tucks a shirt in the front of them to make a loin cloth so he can be an Indian. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he answers "an Indian." There you have it. Good thing we come from the Cherokee people.


Hendrick Family said...

I can attest to Jax and the short stuffing.

The other day, I arrived at the gym after Jenn. I walked into the child care area to hear the lady working in there telling Jax, "Nuh-uh...get that out of your pants!"

So funny!

Erin said...

Oh how I love the Bacaks. One of my favortie things about going to their house is seeing what Jax is wearing.

You just never know.

Your children bring such fun & imagination into my life.

See you soon!!

texasmcvays said...

I like your nursery rhymes. I have to look for Jax with his "swords" in the nursery...at least a pirate costume is easy a ripped white shirt cut off some black pants and get the guy a patch Wham.....Fall festival costume or dress up! As for Emma I hope you get a chance to check out the book "Animals do the strangest things" by hornblower. Great for a young naturalist. ...As well as Beatrix Potter Anthology (we are almost finished if you want to borrow it!) and Mother West Wind's Children...I could go on we are never short of animal stories to read over here!