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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I Want My Life Back!!!

This guy represents pretty accurately how I've been feeling.
I've turned into the Grinch. I've been...
Sicker than sick.
We presume it's just a yucky virus, but I think it's one that could be released by bio-terrorists. Like on 24.
This is the longest virus I've ever had.
This was not the weight loss plan I had in mind.
I just want my life back!!!
I have realized how very much I love my life. Wow, I am thankless!!
If I ever complain about my life again, please knock me out.
I'll deserve it.
Being healthy, energetic, and able to be a Mom and teacher to my four kiddos is such a blessing! Seeing my poor husband, who is a superhero, take over, with the help of Becky (also a superhero), and a few others, broke my heart. I love being a wife, Mom, and teacher! I want to do it everyday! Every day that I can get up and do my job is a beautiful day!
Everyday I get to wake-up and drink coffee,
read my Bible,
turn on Curious George for sleepy-eyed children,
fix breakfast,
teach a Bible Story at the table,
hear the sweet and sincere prayers of my little ones,
teach Math,
do dishes,
wipe noses,
change diapers,
tie shoes,
administer spankings,
read books and sing songs,
kiss their ow-ees,
teach about birds, and watch their eyes as they learn something new,
find pacifiers,
rock and sing,
lay down and rub backs at nap time,
cuddle up next to a little boy who will be grown up and too big to snuggle after I blink my eyes,
braid hair,
fold laundry,
kiss my husband and ask how his day was,
make something for dinner that I can't convince my kids to eat,
give baths,
watch Rusty tickle, chase, and wrestle as they giggle and run,
and put little p.j.ed kids in bed.
I want this life forever.
I am so happy to be out of bed and trying to re-claim this life that I love so much. I am so thankful for it!


Jennifer Bacak said...

And no, I'm not pregnant, for those of you who know that when I'm pregnant I spend my days in two locations: bed, and toilet. I don't think that's possible. Praise God for adoption!!! I get babies without feeling this way for months on end!!!

Kathryn Berilla said...

Praise God that He allows us to see how blessed we are and that we get to be thankful. It actually makes being sick easier...if that is possible.

I was just praying this morning for your house against sickness, I thought for sure I was praying for one of your kids, little did I know it was you. God knows!!!!

Arlene said...

Sweet Jenn...I'm sorry you've been sick so long!! I feel you man...I had the junk a LONG time this year and it makes you truly appreciate pure health and life every other day in the year! I can't imagine being deprived of being availble to 5 people who really need you daily. I'll pray for speedy recovery! Wish I still lived there so I could come help. Love you lots!

aggie07 said...

I hope you feel better soon! I am praying!!

Hendrick Family said...

I'm so glad you're back...well, I mean, you're not really back until you're back at the gym...but I'm glad you answered the phone today when I called. I'm glad I saw you out of your room WALKING AROUND. Welcome back to the land of the living!

Karen said...

Jen I hope that you are feeling much better! Bering sick is no fun but at least you have an amazing husband/doctor/babysitter living in your house! If you need anything let me know!

Melodi said...

So sorry to hear all this!!!! That's a good reminder to me to be thankful!!! Some days I think, "If only I could be sick for a day and sleep......" Please let me bring you some Layne's today or tomorrow!

texasmcvays said...

mcvayI'm glad you are feeling better its so tough when you are ill with little ones! K

texasmcvays said...

Okay, I need to work on my reading comprehension! I hope you feel better soon!!! K