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Friday, April 13, 2007

Signs for the week!

It's time for new signs! Some of you are already asking for them, so good for you guys!
My Mom, the wonderful Nana that she is, is learning quickly, and reminded me how important it is to learn the alphabet. I didn't really think about it, because Justus is not fingerspelling yet, but many signs use the hand shape of certain letters, and it's easier to learn the signs if you know them.
So if you don't really know the alphabet yet, that is a good place to start.
As for a Justus update, he's a super signer. I'm trying to include plenty of signs that he uses daily so that when you visit the Bacak household, you can freely communicate with our little guy. Some of you already are! It blesses my heart like you wouldn't believe!
New Signs:
get dressed ( it's the sign for clothes 1X, 2X for actual clothes)
popsicle (look at the sign for ice cream, but put up your pointer finger, like the stick in a popsicle)
like (as in "I like bananas")
swing (One of Justus' most commonly used signs lately. It's the sign for sit, but you move your hands back and forth, like you're swinging.)
Practice Sentences:
Where are your shoes? (where shoes, eyebrows raised)
I want a popsicle, please. (I want popsicle please)
What color is the apple? (What color apple, what, eyebrows furrowed)
The apple is green. (apple green)
Where are your pajamas (sleep clothes)? (Where sleep clothes, where, eyebrows furrowed)
What color is the truck? (what color truck, what, eyebrows furrowed)
Do you want to jump on the trampoline? (You want jump, jump, jump, eyebrows raised)
I like to swing. (I like swing)
Happy Signing, people! Let me know of any questions you have.

1 comment:

bekah said...

Its so cool how the Lord was sovereign in putting Justus in your home, because you know ASL.

He is involved in the intricate details of our lives.

I love learning this alongside you all.