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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Caramel Hot Chocolate

Quick! Make this hot chocolate recipe before it gets to be 80 degrees again! Cold weather only comes in brief windows of time, so as soon as it drops under 50 we build a fire and make hot chocolate.
This is a GREAT recipe for hot chocolate. Hot water and packets of cocoa just don't compare.
This recipe makes 2 cups. I doubled this and still didn't have quite enough for my whole family.

1 T sugar (I was out of sugar last time and used Splenda, and it was great!)

1 T unsweetened cocoa

1 3/4 c milk

2 T (or however much you want to put in) caramel topping

A little bit of coffee creamer, like chocolate caramel, vanilla caramel, or Peppermint Mocha! I added this, and it makes it fabulous!

Top with whipped cream, like the kind you squirt out of a can. That's fun! My kids loved it!

Combine sugar and cocoa in a saucepan. Stir in remaining ingredients. Stir CONSTANTLY over med. heat until mixture is thoroughly heated and caramel dissolved.
Enjoy by the fire.
Yay for cold weather!!!


lisasmith said...

Mmmm. When it comes to coffee, creamer and warm drinks, we share taste buds. The kids and I love this. Thanks!!

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Ok since chocolate and caramel together are my very favorite, I will have to try this.

Rachel Hood said...

yumm-o! i made your yummy hot chocolate with caramel tonight for jarrod and i and it was extra tasty! thanks for posted your great recipe! we will have it again...um, tomorrow night probably! :)
hope y'all are doing well!