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Monday, December 10, 2007

My $2 bike!

I got a bike for me for $2!!!
I went to a friend from church's garage sale this weekend.
I got there at around 8:30, which is after the hard-core, serious business garage salers have gone, and taken the really good stuff, but before the total slackers.
So there wasn't too much left, except...
my wonderful bicycle.
Just sitting there, waiting for me.
I walked up, and said "how much for the bike?"
Wow! That bike had been hanging out for years in a garage with flat tires, just waiting for me, ready to hit the road again. New adventures to come.
But I haven't had a bike since my pink huffy in 3rd grade.
I loved that bike!
I had a basket, AND a nameplate! You're jealous!
I literally don't think I've ridden a bike in my adult years. I can't remember when?
So Rusty was a little nervous after he aired up the tires for me and sent me out to ride with Emma.
But it was great! I didn't throw myself over the handlebars. I didn't fall at all! I took a ride with Em, and I really felt like a kid again. Emma likes to go up the steepest hills and ride down fast. Surprise! The child who will do a 50 ft. zip line at age 4 is really not afraid of too much. So I went with her, and I gotta tell you, I was a little nervous.
But it was so fun! I want to ride everyday with my kids!
Emma couldn't really figure out why I was so excited about this bike.
She said "Mom...it's not that pretty, but...at least it's not broken!"
I know it's not that pretty. It's speckled with gray paint...on purpose.
But it's my bike, and it cost- that's right- $2!
I'm pretty sure I need a basket and nameplate now.
I'm positive that Rusty needs an old, ugly bike to match mine now.
Does anyone have any insight on attaching baby seats to bikes?
Can you really do that?
Is it legal? Safe? Child abuse?
Someone let me know.

1 comment:

Laurie said...

My parents handed over some of their old bikes to B and me, and it is SO fun to ride them with the girls. YOu do feel like a kid again.

And, I love getting something for nothing (hence my Craigslist addiction) :) What a great find!