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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lemonade stand

I think every kid should have a memory of having a lemonade stand in the summer, don't you?
We stopped by a lemonade stand the other day (because I think you have to be pretty cold-hearted to drive right by one, unless you just don't happen to have fifty cents anywhere in your car) and I had an inkling that this was going to start something with my kids.
Sure enough, we came directly home and they started working on their signs.
The next day (yesterday) the Bacak kids and a few of their friends (Feldman kids) were real life entrepreneurs in the lemonade business.
(I made the lemonade, just so it wasn't disghusting. Ever been to one of those lemonade stands? I have.)
In the morning, we set it up in front of our neighborhood pool so that none of the children would die of heat stroke. I figured when someone got near to death or combusting before our eyes, we would just send them over to jump in the pool. Good plan, hu?
I thought that surely they would give up after 30 minutes of watching people drive past them. I even called Heather and told her to go buy some lemonade just so they'd have a customer.
I was wrong.
They made nearly $20 in the two hours they spent out there.
And then they went back into business in the afternoon at the end of our street.
My little red-faced children chanted "Awesome lemonade! Awesome lemonade!" to every car that drove past.
It's hard to be rejected by the cars that don't stop, but a good life lesson.
Not everyone thinks they're as cute as we do.
They ended up making $26 for the day!
Wow! If I'd known this was a valid source of income, I would have put them out there months ago!
They had various approaches to what to do with their profits. Some noble, some not.
But Rusty decided we could use it for a patient of his who lost her job because her bike was stolen, and it was her only mode of transportation.
The dollar signs in my kids eyes faded, and some were excited about this project, while others were not thrilled.
But isn't the sin of greed and selfishness in us constantly in need of stripping away?
So now they're on a bicycle mission, and we will get to frequent all the Pawn shops in town (always interesting) for just the right bike for this woman.
So don't discount the lemonade stand if you need a little fundraiser!
Or if you're kids are asking you for money. Put them outside with a cooler and a card table.
I think a lemonade stand is awfully hard to resist.

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The Arguellos said...

How precious!!! I have my own lemonade stand memories too! They'll never forget it!