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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Moustache Mania

This is the new thing around this house...if you fall asleep, you might wake-up with a marker moustache.
It started last Friday when Emma and Jax were reading together during our nap/quiet time in the afternoon. Jax fell asleep, and Emma's direct quote was "I just couldn't stand it, Mom. So I drew a moustache on him."
She giggled.
She just couldn't stand it.
She had a marker, and an unconscious brother.
What makes this pop into her head?
Ever since, it's been ON in the Bacak house.
Emma and her friend Emma stayed up super late the night of the fourth and did a number on Jax and Justus while they were sleeping. Full face beauty treatment via washable marker, plus baby dolls in the bed, and more.
The boys didn't take it lying down.
It's been a prank war since.
We are learning a lot about taking things like a good sport, paying back pranks in a fun way, not a vengeful, angry way, and trying not to cross the line into hurting feelings.
This is a delicate balance with a house full of male egos.
But nonetheless, the moustache war has been fun.
Emma woke up this morning, sleepy eyed, and came right to me and said "Good morning Mom. Do I have a moustache?"
This is our new way to wake up!
We are loving the summer of 2009!


The Roberts' said...

oooh, look at that guy... hes gonna be a serious heartbreaker!! moustache & all!!

Anonymous said...

have you and Rusty woken up with mustaches yet?? :)

Jessica said...

That's hilarious! I think any girl with three brothers would have that natural reaction right?

lisasmith said...

you wake up looking like a pirate over here ;)