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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Bacak Nation Academy is now in session!

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I love the start of school. I put a lot of hard work into our school room in August. Work that I rather enjoy, to tell you the truth. I love a place for everything, newly organized shelves, fresh packs of clean paper, art supplies like beans and macaroni in jars, about 30 newly sharpened pencils (which will dwindle down to two in about three weeks- I don't know where they go? It's like my kids eat pencils!) Brand new school boxes, decorated with their favorite stickers, and...well you get the picture.
I had done much preparing, as this year I am teaching three different kids and grade levels. Emma and Jax are in third and second grade, and Justus started Kindergarten this year! Woo-hoo! I love Kindergarten! It's my absolute favorite year. Also, Treston is our three-year-old pre-schooler, and as you can see by the pictures, he LOVES his journal! I think that's precious!
So I lesson planned like crazy, starting in July. I got a pretty notebook and printed my lesson plans for the year. Then I came up with new systems to give me overviews for a week, or lesson plans in a glance, with the older kids and Justus' side by side.
All of this stuff makes me very happy, and my lesson plans have never looked so awesome, so I was feeling good.
But the first day of school, despite my planning, was not what I had envisioned. I had not done enough prepping. That's pre-cutting, printing, etc. for my lessons. (I was out of town with Justus visiting his birthmom over the weekend, which was just poor timing for our first day of school.) Consequently, our first day of school didn't go as I had planned. Actually, it was pure chaos for the most part. Not the parts caught on camera here. I obviously don't pull out the camera to capture chaos in our home. No, these were the good, happy moments in our first day. But the schedule I had agonized over all summer and posted on our wall was not quite accurate. I had never taught this many kids, so I was behind and a little overwhelmed. I was wondering on Monday if I could do this.
But God was so good to remind me that He is the one who called us to do this. Not because it's for everyone, but because as He dragged us kicking and screaming toward homeschooling (which I swore I'd never do, naturally!) He had a good plan for our family in it. And it has been so good! And I enjoy teaching so much!
So Tuesday was a new day, as I told the kids.
And it truly was! It was a thousand times better, and yesterday was a thousand times better than that! I do love teaching and schooling my kids.
It's not easy. On MOnday, I couldn't help thinking about all the parents I had seen standing at the bus stop with their kids as I was jogging that morning. I was wondering what they were doing, as I dealt with a three-year-old tantrum, cleaned up his potty accident, while juggling a reluctant (to say the least) Kindergartener and confused about what was expected of them older kids.
But we are starting to settle into a rhythm, and it feels good. Truly, I wouldn't miss this for the world. I enjoyed teaching little ones when they were other people's kids, and I especially enjoy teaching my own little ones. Besides, I am pretty sure I was totally ignorant before I started homeschooling. I can't imagine how educated I will be when I get up to fifth grade with them.
So The Bacak Nation Academy has begun, and it's going to be a great year!
Here are some first day of school pics.


The Vann's said...

Soooo fun Jenn! That room looks GREAT as a school room. How perfect.

We will be praying for the school year.

Miss you!

liz said...


aggierudy3 said...

I remember way back before you started school talking in your kitchen about the wonderful world of homeschooling. You seemed a bit skeptical. I'm glad that you enjoy it so much. Have a fun school year!

The Kramer Family said...

Hey! Love the pics and table. Your schoolroom looks so cute!

There is a place in Brenham that sells old metal things for really good prices. Right now they have a TON of old sea foam green (the color of that table:) LOCKERS that would be perfect. I could ask them and find out how much for you. I eye them every time I walk by them.

Someone I know needs them!


Tricia said...

Oh, how I can relate! My two youngest started Kindergarten this year - so now I have four little people all trying to ask me questions about their school work at the exact same time (we are really cracking down on the whole 'raise your hand' thing around here!) Our first day we got through a WHOLE subject - yep just the one. And then I sent everyone outside to play so I could perhaps prepare a little better for day number 2 :-) I am actually pleasantly surprised that it is EASIER to get things done with them all school age (I have a 5th grader, a 3rd grader, a 5 yr-old Kinder and a 4-yr old Kinder - I am trying to make it as easy on myself as possible!) Last year was a mess trying to keep the two little ones entertained long enough so the older two could concentrate on their work. Now I HAVE to plan stuff for them to do and they do great - who knew?? And I would have to agree with you on the ignorant part - it is truly amazing how much of this stuff I didn't know!!! :-)