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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Mosiers

I love this town. I meet so many students that I fall in love with.
The problem with these wonderful people is most of them leave, and I have to watch them drive away.
People I love, who have become apart of the rhythm of our week, who have bared their hearts in our living rooms.
There have been many tough goodbyes in the past six years.
I could list atleast 10 of you that I'm still secretly plotting to find you a job here and convince you it's God's will, and some of you have been gone for years!
This month has been killer.
We have been bombarded with tough goodbyes, and I've tried hard to stay in denial about all of them so I can survive it.
But tonight. Tonight was the hardest goodbye of all.
(Erin, if you're reading this stop right now, because it won't help you stop crying.)
Matt and Erin are such a part of this family.
They started out in our HOPE group, these precious kids, still in college.
I knew they were going to be a favorite of ours when they ASKED us if they could come pick up our kids and take them out for pizza.
They were around when we got our little Treston, and for the whirwind that was for us. They became regulars for dinner, and Sonic dates, and such.
Erin and I hit it off quickly, and she became my mentee for Her Hands and took Countdown at the same time. There are just some people that are so comfortable and easy. That's me and Erin. It's just so easy.
We grew very close to them before they were married, and even more so after!
My children prayed hard, and Matt ended up doing grad school here. It was the power of the pure-hearted prayers of the Bacak kiddos.

Matt and Erin became some of Treston's godparents, and they have faithfully loved, adored, spent time with, and prayed for our little boy.
We went on vacation together that summer, with all Treston's wonderful godparents, Matt and Erin and Nick and Carissa. That will always be a great memory for all of us!

Erin ended up working for us, here in the house with me every morning, and in the office with Rusty in the afternoons. She knows this house like her own. She has watched my kids grow, pray, be disciplined about a million times, read them hundreds of books, and folded their clothes. Matt and Erin have been at probably every birthday party we've had since we met them, and my kids even gave Erin a Bacak birthday of her own.
I remember so well the day she told me they had started praying about starting a family. She came over to lie out with me on a Spring afternoon and the two of us were lying on the trampoline talking.
Shortly after that, Erin was pregnant with Cade.
She called me when she saw the two lines.
I was there the day he was born, waiting in the waiting room.
Watching Matt hold him up through the nursery window with tears in his eyes, and tears in mine...helping Erin nurse for the first time.
I watched our little Matt and Erin morph into parents. Real live grown-ups. They did it so well.
Somewhere along the way...and I'm not sure exactly when...Erin went from being a mentee to just a wonderful friend and peer.
I have been so proud of them!
They are light years ahead spiritually, for their age, and their commitment to the Word and His Ways encourages me so much! They are just solid.
They were never allowed to leave here, as far as I was concerned.
I was certain we could pray that away. We'd done it before.
But God obviously had a different plan.
Matt got a great job with the weather service, and off they go tomorrow to Ft. Worth.
I've cried many tears these last few weeks.
I watched my kids cry many tears tonight, telling them goodbye, and it was hard.
It's going to be hard. I will miss our weekly lunches and the comfort of being with them at church weekly. I'll just miss them in the day-to-day life.
But as Erin and I keep saying, we have to put on thankfulness that Ft. Worth is not so terribly far away! They could have gotten a job in Washington State, so how can we complain?
I love these people.
I would let them move into our house and live here if I thought they would.
But I have to let them go, and I know that God is going to use them where he plants them.
They're going to transform lives as the Holy Spirit uses them to teach others what they have soaked up here.
I can only pray that they have people come under their care that were as teachable and moldable as they have been in their time here.
I guess it's time to share them.
But tonight, I feel incredibly selfish. I don't want to share. I haven't stopped crying yet.
But God is good, and I would be remiss in writing this if I didn't acknowledge how grateful I am for the sweet people and friendships he gives us. It just doesn't get any better than Matt and Erin.


Emily said...

So Sad! I cried just reading your post. Erin and Matt were so lucky to have your family in their life daily for so long. I tried to make them come to ABQ and I could steal them but that didn't work either:)


Brock & Megs Birkenfeld said...

Agreed. I want to be selfish too and keep them. I was trying to let myself be in denial until next week.. you know just pretend we were all just going out of town for a little while. But last night seeing all the tears.. we couldn't deny it anymore. Stink, even though I know it's right I still just don't like it.

Feldman Family said...

Ok, thanks for the continued tears this morning Jenn! I never would have imagined that I would have such a sweet friendship develop over such a short time! "Easy" is such a word to describe them! They will be terribly missed, but you're right, Ft Worth is only 3 hours away! I don't think the reality of it has hit me yet either.
As we drove home tonight and went inside, the sweet chanting continued to remind us how we love these people, "Baby Cade...Baby Cade..Baby Cade!"
...crying more...

Brenda said...

Reading your post made me sad and I cried and cried. I hated to see Matt and Erin leave wonderful, beautiful, caring friends like you. I only hope you can stay in touch and visit each other often. I can't thank you enough for everything you did for Matt and Erin and Cade. They always talked about your kids and I know they will miss them every day. I will miss College Station it is such a wonderful town. For me it is just as easy to go to Ft Worth but College Station has such character. We all need lots of prayers to make this transition easy. Thanks again for all the love you have for Matt, Erin and Cade.

(Cade's MiMi and Matt's Mom and Erin's Mother-In-Law - I finally have a daughter)

The Mosiers said...

So I only thought I was emotionally stable enough to read your blog...

We love you people! I can't think about College Station without thinking of a Bacak. I am extremely thankful for you.

I know this is God's plan for us and he has big things for us here, but all I've thought all weekend is that I just want to go home.

Thank you for loving us, teaching us, growing us. Can't wait for our monthly visits!