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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Leader of the Day

(photo above by Ryan Price Photography-check out his website! www.ryanpricephoto.com)
There are a million little tips out there that can help us run our homes smoothly. The more children we have, the more organized and creative we need to be to reduce the chaos. I love those little brilliant ideas that change your life. So in hopes that you all will share yours with me, here is one that we love.
I can't remember where I got this idea. I would give credit where credit is due, if only I could remember who it was due to. I think I read this in a magazine. Once upon a time, in a former life, I read magazines. I had more time to read for leisure then. I used to even have a subscription to Southern Living. Those were good times.
Anyway, I loved this idea and remembered it for years and we started doing it a year or so ago.
We have a leader of the day. Sun. is Treston, and Emma is Monday and Thursday, Jax is Tuesday and Friday, and Justus is Wed. and Saturday.
When you're leader of the day, you get the special priveleges, and special jobs.
For example you could choose the morning cartoon, or you would set the table.
Any special privelege opportunity that might arise immediately goes to the leader of the day rather than the kids squabbling about it.
I also grab the leader of the day when I need something done.
The Leader has daily leader jobs, such as gathering all of the laundry from all the baskets each morning and sorting it, wiping down a bathroom, and taking the sheets off of his bed to be washed (ensuring everyone's sheets get washed once a week).
The kids also get to spend their "nap" time (no one naps but Treston but they are supposed to be quiet and read in their room) in the play room.
The kids LOVE to be the leader, and it solves any dispute over who gets the special priveleges or chores. It's a great system that works well for us, so I thought I'd share it.
One day, and I don't know when, Treston will realize that he only gets to be the leader once a week, and he'll have to be okay with that until God adds another day to the week. For now, this system holds nicely.


Gabbie said...

This is so great! Sorry, I didn't hear this sooner! I have to figure out how not to be the leader everyday! Maybe Treston could come do some of my days! You are a brilliant mom! Have a great week! love you

Jessica B. said...

The Cmajdalkas shared this tip this weekend...

As their girls were growing up they had a Manner Princess every night at dinner. They had a special crown and whoever had the best manners at the dinner table would get to wear the crown. Shelley said that her girls loved it and still talk about it.

I so enjoy getting to hear wise tidbits from moms...thanks for sharing Jenn!

The Arguellos said...

I love this!! I need to copy it down somewhere so I don't forget it! It reminds me of different teacher tricks I had that would magically calm a crises. So valuable!!