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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I'm still crying from laughing so hard...

This picture is of my longtime friend Jeremy Jansen, and his beautiful wife. I can't stop laughing, like ab work-out laughing from this photo he put up on facebook. (I put the normal beautiful family pic up, too, so you could see how attractive they are normally.) Evidently, they went to an ugly sweater Christmas party, which I am now dying to have. From now on, that's the only kind of Christmas party I want to have! Seriously! I love this!
I haven't had time to write about real stuff lately. I want to write about Treston's recent "Gotcha' day!" But my little people could set the house on fire if I sit here too long. Maybe later.
Did you see the sweater on the dog?! Seriously, crying!

1 comment:

Elizabeth Seay said...

made my year!
(i wonder if it's even funnier to us because we know them?)
i don't know...
the ugly christmas sweater party is a great idea....might have to suggest it for our upcoming staff party!