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Monday, February 19, 2007

The Amazing Race is back!!!

Race fans, did you set your DVR's last night? (And when I say "race fans" I am NOT referring in any way to Nascar.) Amazing Race is back!!! I've been waiting anxiously.
Isn't Phil great? Don't you love the way he talks? Did you hear him say "hooves" last night? Hilarious. He sounds so smart all the time. And he knows everything about everybody...you know, like when they get to the mat, he says "So, you've had some trouble getting along this leg of the race?" It's like he sees all and knows all in the race!!!
And this race is the All-Stars. It's going to be great.
Every time I watch it, I think about if I went on Amazing Race, who would I team up with?
There are a few options.

#1- My husband, obviously. I think we'd be excellent race partners. We work well together, and we'd both train hard and be in excellent shape. I think we'd go far. But we would NEVER do it because I hate seeing these parental teams who leave their children behind!!! It makes me so sad! Like David and Mary from Kentucky who were just on this last season are back in it for the All-Stars. You know their kids are like 'AGAIN!!!???' I think it's so sad that people leave their kids for 6 weeks, or however long it is, to win money. So we would never do that. In fact, I would never leave my kids for that long, even by myself. I can hardly leave them for a weekend. (We never do!) But for the sake of this post, let's just pretend I did.

#2-My brother Chris. My brother has a way of accomplishing things by working people and situations like no one I've ever known. Somehow, we would find the best flights, the best taxis, the sneaky tricks, and we would win! But I would get tired of him telling me what to do eventually, and probably tired of him being right about stuff, and we would have one of those entertaining blow-outs. I think I could run faster than him though, and that would be fun.

#3-My friend Heather. We would be an entertaining team to watch. People would enjoy the banter, like they do on Gilmore Girls. We would be fun! But Heather won't even do the little zip line in her own backyard, so we would eventually lose due to her aversion to risking her life. Oh, and her aversion to running. Neither of us would be able to read a map, so we'd be lost a lot. But we would have fun while it lasted.

I love this show, though! I will never be on it, but it's fun to imagine! Who would you team up with, I want to know!


Kathryn Berilla said...

Ok, I admit that I have never watched the show, and I couldn't go because that would involve leaving my kids.
But if I did go, I would probably take Lisa Smith with me because she would either figure out where we were supposed to be or she would talk someone into something we needed!!!

Hendrick Family said...

I don't think I could ever be on this show, because they have someone else's money in their pocket and RUN right past so many Starbucks and good restaurants. That just doesn't seem right.

However, I was rethinking my wimpyiness the other night and I decided that if I would just say, "Geronimo" when I did something terrifying, it would be so worth it. I love the word Geronimo, and my aversion to anything that would cause fear and swirling in my intestines has prevented me from getting to use it.

Or, I could just start a new trend...a new reason to use that word...like when someone sneezes, we could all start saying, "Geronimo" instead of "Bless You."

If we were on this show together, I think we would pee our pants all the way at some point...either from laughing, or being scared. That would be fun!

So, if we could say Geronimo and pee our pants all the way, I'm in.

Hendrick Family said...

But I wouldn't leave my kids, so they would have to come with us...and I don't think they make a stroller of that magnitude.

And there should be a comma after the word, "night" in my first comment.

Peace Out.

lisasmith said...

First of all, I can't believe that Kathryn would take me because I don't even desire to imagine desiring to want to be on this show. I don't take any risks, especially if it involves something that might make me throw up. Traveling and riding on things make me throw up.

I would send Andrew and Julia because the thought of leaving the rest of us in our sometimes boring everyday life excites them, they have to win and they love the thrills that something like this offers.

I could never leave my family and I don't think I should even tell Andrew and Julia about this post.

But, I could talk people into giving Kathryn and me everything we needed; thus, saving our money for more important things, like Starbucks and buying souvenirs. And, probably if Kathryn and I were a team I would get sucked up in the competition of it all and figure out where we needed to be to win.

If Kathryn and I took our kids there would be some serious monkey noises in the background of the television!

Oh, and if I had a Shirley I would've been able to respond to that blog post!

aggie07 said...

So Jenn, I think they should have an amazing race for kids (with parental supervision of course!). I know that Super Emma and Super Jax would definately win. I mean thing about all their great super powers. And, you know it would be the funniest show on tv, especially if Justus went along....

Seay Famiy said...

I so wish I could be one of those people that can jump off of tall buildings and cross rope bridges high in the mountains. I am not that kind of person but The Amazing Race makes me want to forsake the cautious person that I am and become a thrill seeker.
I do believe that Chris would get us to the finish line as a winner but we might kill each other before we get there. Or Dad and I could go and be one the "old couples" that everyone discounts immediately. Dad would not have the DRIVE to get to the finish line. Life is too easy for him.