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Monday, February 05, 2007

What if the super-famous were radically saved?

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if famous people came to know Jesus? I do. All the time. I've made a short list of some of the people I would like to first come to the Lord...some because I like them. And some because of the powerful influence it would have. Just for fun...

Oprah. Because the world hangs on her every word. She speaks with the most authority of all people in our day and age. If she ran for president right now, she would win. She instructs people how to live and they follow. If only she knew how to live- it would be awesome!

Gwynneth Paltrow. Pretty much because she's my favorite actress and
I like her.

Rosie. I used to watch her show, before I had a hundred kids and I actually saw daytime television. I loved her! She does some amazing things. She is very outspoken. (For some of the worst things.) I think she's friends with most of Hollywood. Think of the impact she could have!

Reese Witherspoon. Pretty much because I like her too, and once she knows

Jesus we can become best friends. She can come over...with her oscar and
everything, and we can hang out. She and I will have so much fun. Maybe
I'll invite you over to meet her. We'll see.

Madonna. Despite her heinous career, she is doing some amazing things in
Africa right now. Also, I found myself defending Madonna during her recent
adoption scandal. That was the stupidest thing ever! I'm sure people would
think if Madonna can be saved, then anyone can! (and anyone can, so that'd
be good.)

Lastly, Jon Stewart. He's stinkin' hilarious, but as lost as a duck in a desert.
People will always be captivated by humor. I think people view Christians as
so UNfunny. Jon could change all that.

That's my list. There are so many more. But I want to hear yours. What famous people would you most like to see saved?


Jodi said...

Jenn, I have a few!
First: Julia Roberts!

For one, I just like her! She makes me smile! But just think of how she could change peoples lives if her smile was for Jesus?!! People LOVE and respect her and many STARS would follow her lead!

Bill Clinton:
Now he is a CRAZY man. But look how many people he has persuaded to do wrong, and believe every word he says! So many people in this country think he is "tha Bomb digity" and let me just tell you, if he can lead them so far astray.... just think how many people he could win for Jesus! I have to give him one thing, he is a great speaker and he could totally use that for the Lord! Maybe I should give him a call! U think he will answer?! =)

The last thing I have to say is GO COLTS! I was so in awe of the Coaches/Owner and quarter back after they won the SuperBowl! Those guys trully love the Lord, every interview I hear from them they talk about their Jesus! The way they run their team is FULL of Jesus! They are not just stars that say they love Jesus, but they live it! Even the announcers and press make comments about how he runs his team so diffrently! I love them and I hope so many people follow their lead! That is a STAR that is making a diffrence!!!

I love you jenn!


D. Bacak fam said...

Mine would have to be Yoda. Anybody with the ability to perform jedi mind tricks and quadruple double-axle summersaults while sporting a light saber could definitely make a statement for Jesus to the world that would change generations! Not to mention he's green. And I like green.


Jennifer Bacak said...

Isn't Yoda already saved? Rusty has always planned to write the book "The Gospel According to Yoda", if it hasn't been written already.
I'm positive we will see Yoda in heaven.
:) jenn

Anonymous said...

1) Brad Pitt - just cause he's Brad Pitt and most of what he does is cool, so who wouldn't want to follow suit?? Then he'd convince Angelina to love Jesus and they'd preach the Gospel together on all their world visits :)
2) Denzel Washington - again, he's just stinkin' cool
3) I'm so with you on Oprah - said it myself a few times!
4) Will Smith & Jada - mostly cause they are just one of my favorite hollywood couples & like you said, Will is funny, and that would change the view of "unfunny" Christians!
5) Eva Longoria - because every girl wants to be her right now, so use the influence for the Glory of our God!

I could go on...but I should probably get back to work :)

Kathryn Berilla said...

1. E.F. Hutton because when E.F. Hutton speaks, people listen. Imagine if he was talking about Jesus!!

2. The Energizer Bunny because he keeps going and going and they could put the Gospel on the side of his drum. He would never stop!!!!

aggie07 said...

The gilmore girls...I mean this is a great show as is, but if they were saved, it would be a lot more applicable...besides, I love the gilmores :)

P.S. not that this has ANYTHING to do with salvation, but Eva Longoria graduated from A&M! Imagine if she was saved, she would be one of the coolest saved Aggies out there, and probably the most famous...

Hendrick Family said...

I want the people at GAP and Old Navy to get saved so their shorts will be longer.

I ditto the Lauren Graham salvation. She is my best friend, but she just doesn't know it. One day I'll break the news to her.

I want Joss Stone and the Dixie Chicks to get saved so I won't feel like the devil when I need to sing loudly in the car to their songs. I want to be Joss Stone. Are you diggin' on me, cause I'm diggin on you now baby yeah.

I don't know if Jack Black is saved, but if he was and outspoken about it, he could reach lots of kids. My kids think he is almost as cool as Aaron. When I look at him I laugh...lost or saved, that man's funny.

Then, I would want all these people to be staff members at LH...especially Jack Black...Joss and the Dixies wouldn't have to be staff members, but they could sing on the praise team...and Joss could teach me to sing like I'm not an albino.

Yoda gives me the creeps, and I want to kick him across the room.

Maybe I need to get saved!

Melodi said...

Ellen Degeneres:

She is very, very funny, but very, very lost. She has a draw with adults AND kids - because of the Dori thing.

I echo the Oprah and Rosie nominees.

Dr. Phil:

He says he is saved, and maybe he is, but his advice on divorce makes me wonder.

The Blue Collar TV gang:

My favorite hobby is laughing! Christians can be this funny! Just look at Fez from this past weekend at church....or the guy who almost fainted off the building in church....or the SHEEP SKIT...or my personal favorite - the skit where Aaron's body parts were all trying to be other parts!!!!

Go funny Christians!!!!!!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I'm with you on Ellen; she's so funny! And Jack Black- just looking at him makes me laugh too!
And Will and Jada-I like them.
Y'all came up with some good ones!
Love it!

Melodi said...

I forgot to mention Will Ferrell! He desperately needs Jesus and to use that talent for God!!!

Ashley Driskell said...

I've seen the Gospel according to Oprah at Barnes and Noble... never opened it but she would be a fantastic warrior for Christ ;) I also think Rachel McAdams and Heath Ledger would be my best friends if they were saved. By the way this is Ashley that sits next to you in Her Hands... just in case you didnt know :)

Jennifer Bacak said...

I did know who you were Ashley, but thanks for telling me, because it is difficult keeping everyone straight. I'm trying!!!