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Monday, April 07, 2008


Heather called me today and said "Do you want to watch Oprah for a week?"
I said "okay....?"
I know neither of us are Oprah watchers. I used to watch Oprah.
I haven't in a long time.
If I'm going to watch something when I finally fall in bed at 10pm, it's going to be Gilmore Girls or American Idol.
Watch this short video filling you in on her latest anti-Jesus endeavors. I had heard it was bad, but I just haven't paid much attention to it.
But this is something worth looking into, considering how many Christians are big Oprah fans. In fact, it's pretty obvious the way women idolize her, because from what I remember, the first five minutes of her show, everyone there looks like 16-year-old girls at a Beatles concert. They are screaming like crazy, crying, just trying to reach out and touch her with a brush of their hands! Let's admit it...she is worshiped. She is one of those people who can speak with authority, and no matter what she's saying, you want to believe it. You don't want to oppose her. Who would take on Oprah? I really think if she herself ran for president right now, she would win, hands down. No matter what party she ran with.
I've written on here before that she would be my #1 celebrity pick to get saved. What would happen? But she's not saved. She needs Jesus. And she is the pied piper, playing a very seductive tune, with millions, MILLIONS of people following behind her.
The saddest part of that video was hearing that woman from Illinois, I assume who claims to be a Christian, so confused about how to "reconcile" her faith to this new book and way of thinking. We can't reconcile these things! Light has nothing to do with dark!
I think we need to be VERY CAREFUL what we allow into our homes and minds. It only takes a doubt for Satan to ride the wave and cause a tidal wave in our spiritual lives.
So this is the beginning of the Oprah week for Heather and I. We will write about it at some point. Stay posted, if you're interested.
*By the way, I know this video mentions Obama. This is not about politics, or endorsing a candidate, at all! I am not lumping him in with her in this "New Earth" business.

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