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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

They all leave me...

There are some great things about living in a university town.
Homeschooling is breezy here. We're all about education in this town.
There's always cheap pizza.
Wonderful, over-qualified babysitters abound, keeping the date night in business. Praise the Lord.
But best of all, the college students that fill my life and home.
The sad part...they all leave. Oh some of you are here for a while after graduation. I cheer and clap and jump up and down when you find jobs here after graduation, even if it's at Chic-Fil-A, or choose grad school because you aren't ready to go yet.
But eventually, most of you will go. I cry. My kids cry. Little Justus can pinpoint Colorado on the map for his Bec-Bec, and now also New Mexico for Adam & Emily.
I was laying down with him at naptime today, and he asked if Adam and Emily would be here when he woke-up? (the above lovely, pictured couple.)
I said no.
Because they moved to New Mexico.
I DON'T KNOW!!! I want them back!
Adam and Emily were one of those couples we have not wanted to wave good-bye to.
They have been faithful members at LH and in our Countdown 10 class. Even if people didn't know them personally, you just say "you know, the guy with the dread-locks." And they go "Oh, yeah!"
There were many parallels between us. Rusty and I were kind of the older version of them. Who wants to be the older version? Stink.
One thing we had in common was Rusty and I love to dance.
Emily was an Aggie Wrangler. If you don't know what that means, you MUST click here to check it out! It's beyond remarkable what these dancers can do.
So our favorite ritual before they so cruelly left us was for them to first come over and hang out until late on Friday night, laughing and having fun.
Then we'd hook them in to coming back to make us breakfast.
They'd show up nice and early on Saturday morning, and Adam would make these heavenly Cuban pancakes. How I miss them!
Then we'd work them off by doing crazy dance stunts in our living room until noon that would literally leave Rusty and I wounded for many days.
But so much fun!!!!
Adam is a secret agent man, like Jack Bauer on 24.
He works for the government in nuclear weapons, something or other.
I can't fully understand it. But I do understand Jack Bauer. And Alias. So that's exactly how I picture Adam's job. He leaves town to go on "business trips", but he goes all Sydney Bristow/Jack Bauer on evil arms dealers I think.
Pretty cool.
And he has dreads.
He's bi-racial, and so I decided early on in knowing him that my boys would look just like him when they grow up.
Emily is pure delight. She is a ray of sunshine. I love her! When she's here, I laugh a lot! She SO should have lived in this house. My Justus is in love with her, and she's so laid-back, she handles this crazy house well.
She's coming to stay with me some this month and I CAN'T WAIT!

So what would our lives be like without all of you marvelous students in our house, eating our food, sitting on our couch, jumping on the trampoline with my kids, drinking our pink lemonade?
Our lives would be different.
I think they'd be black and white.
You guys bring color and life and fun to this house.
It's our joy to share our lives and family with you.
When you go, I cry. I feel sad.
I'm in denial still that some of you will go. (Amanda! Bailey!)
But I can't complain too much. We are blessed beyond measure to have you in our lives.
Who knew I'd grow up and want to say- Thank God for Aggies. I love you maroon-wearing crazy cult members.
Just come back and visit me, ya hear?


The Houstons said...

sadly I feel your um, sadness I guess on the constant leaving of people you love... Being a military family we have to go through it too, except we are the ones that have to leave. We miss you guys terribly...We talk about how cool it was that you guys were our Countdown leaders, then Rusty was Noah's Dr. and how you are an amazing homeschoolin, Jesus lovin' awesome mommy:) The kids are precious too. HUGS!:)

Amanda said...

Aww! It's nice to know that someday, when the Lord decides it's time (whenever that may be...maybe after Treston graduates from college...) for me to leave, I will be missed. I will miss all of you more than there are words for. I love every bit of everything y'all have poured into my life. The Bacak family is one of the biggest blessing I will ever get in my entire life, I am quite sure. For today, I am thankful that I am not leaving just yet and that I get to savor the sweet days to come!! Love you!

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I love these Aggies. I love the laughter and youth they bring in our house.
I also cry when they leave. I am still crying for Kevin and Lisa and soon I will be crying for Nellie and Whitney!!

Laurie said...

I think it is awesome, the impact you have on of their lives. Especially Countdown.

Oh and cute pics. I love pictures of kids in their PJ's

MInTheGap said...

We've thought of moving back to a college town because of the positive things that you mentioned-- over qualified babysitters, etc. Haven't done it yet, but I know what you mean about people leaving. I wonder how professors do it-- it must be that they learn to be detached.

ADW said...

To my dearest Bacak Nation...this is Ada...er, Jack Bau...er, well, this is "an old friend!" Thank you SO much for the kind words in this entry...it makes me miss Pancake Saturdays even more! But, Emily will be there before you know it and hopefully I'll get to visit sooner rather than later. And please, tell the kids I'm working out again, cuz I know the next time I come they'll be bigger, but still want to climb on me! Have a great day!!!

Arlene said...

I know I miss you guys & I cry pretty much every time I leave you :( So, please know, its not easy for us "college" kids to leave you either!!! You bless us beyond words!

Marcus and Meg Asby said...

I always wanted to know the guy with the dreads. You know all the cool people, Jenn.

Anonymous said...

Tell Justus I love him too. And Treston. And Emma. And Jax. And tell Rusty I miss bananas fosters. And I miss you Jenn. Remember when I stayed with you and came in late and in my uber cool "quietness" knocked over the picture on your tv thing? I miss the look you gave me and how you made me laugh. IN fact you came out of your bed just to laugh at me...or um with me. Then told me to be quieter because the kids were sleeping. Aw man, I was always so loud.

I still can't be quiet. I try to "whishper" in Adam's ear and always do my "version" of a whisper and about blow out his ear drumm. He is now partially deaf now after 6 weeks of marriage, poor thing.

Adam told me last night that your family (along with LH) was worth staying in C.S. for. I was like "well, why didnt' we stay?". You know how it is with these secret agent men though, you can't hold them down.

Goodnews: Adam wants to come back and be a professor at A&M...after he has his SAM career and gets his doctorate. SO don't move!! we can be old ladies together:) We could maybe even share biracial grandbabies?!? How cool would that be!

Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

I'm so with you with these guys. I mean who could be better? We love Emo & Adam!
Emily is so, so, so just like you said... let's just say there's always LOTS of laughter! And Adam, well, I can only say that we know the impressive side of him. We haven't had the chance to goof off with him yet. Maybe some day soon!
And seriously, don't they need to get a BLOG?!