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Monday, March 31, 2008

Matthew + Lizi

Some of you may know this group, but they are new to me.
They opened for Robbie last week at the New Life fundraiser.
I LOVE THEM!! Seriously, I can't stop playing their CD.
They are one mega talented husband and wife team. They have four small kids, I found out talking to her, right at the same ages of ours! That made me like them more!
They support Compassion and Living Water, which made me like them more.
Anytime a CD makes me want to raise my soapy hands while I'm washing dishes in my kitchen, it is GOOD! The songs "Maker of the Wind" and "Open our Eyes" are my favorite!! So worshipful!
Go, quickly, to www.matthewandlizi.com and check them out.


Laurie M. said...


Music is my THANG! I hear the Lord so clearly through many artists and I just know this will become a favorite as well!

Thanks for the tip. Check out Addison Road's song All That Matters if you haven't. And surely you know of Lindsey Kane? That precious sister rocks!


Amy Seay said...

I really enjoy their music. I downloaded it a few months ago because they are friends of Katy. Lizi has an incredible voice. The kids like to listen to it as well. Sounds like things are good with you. Take care!

brickmomma said...


did you see this? it doesn't relate to your post, but it does relate to music!!

Happy Tuesday~

Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

When my sister came to visit she brought me this CD! So fun to see it on your blog too!
Don't we just love beautiful talent! God is so good!