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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bindi the Jungle Girl

My Emma LOVES this show!
It comes on Discovery Kids at 7:30am. (At least that's when we DVR it I think.)
If Bindi says it, to Emma, it's the gospel truth.
She is often saying "Well,Bindi says, yada, yada, yada".
This little girl is pretty cute. Sometimes overly articulate children can be annoying. But her show is informative, and so interesting to my Emma, I just can't be annoyed.
Bindi even signs songs about animals, and has videos of them, like where a fan is blowing her always crimped pony tails. Those are pretty funny.
Why the crimping? Does anyone still have a crimping iron? I haven't seen mine since 1988. Is this an Australian thing?
Emma wants to live Bindi's life.
When they show Bindi's baby brother sitting all giggly with some monster snake that could eat us all alive, it tends to freak me out. But that is the greatest heaven Emma can imagine.
Emma lives, breathes, and eats animal life. Raise your hand if you've been to my house and Emma has tried to race you on all fours, barked at you, jumped in your lap like an animal, or asked you to play the animal game? Let's take a head count...it's everyone we know.
I know this is not normal for a seven-year-old, but this is pure Emma, at the core, she loves animals. Jane Goodall probably wasn't normal either though, right? It might be a sign of greatness! Emma was obsessed with animals before she could talk. She seriously had a major obsession with elephants at age 18 months. She couldn't say much, but she said the word "efelun" about 100 times a day. She only received elephants for her 2nd birthday, and her party was animal themed. She rode an elephant at the circus at age 2. The dinosaur phase came after that, followed by the horse phase (which stuck because she's been riding horses for years now and is going to be in her first horse show in April!!! Woo-hoo!) It's just built into her DNA, passed on by her father, of course.
So if you have an extreme animal lover, or a child who also likes overly articulate children, check out Bindi.
Also, FYI, I heard there's an A&M Vet School Open House this Saturday from 9am to 4pm. It's supposed to be pretty amazing, with exotic animals, trick pets, and things to examine under a microscope. It's basically an event designed for my kids. So Rusty will be taking the big ones.


Kari said...

Kye also LOVES this show as he is all about animals!

Sometimes it is amazing how she can remind you of her daddy!

The Roberts' said...

i do indeed own a crimping iron that i bought less than a year ago! it is the big crimps tho, more like waves, not the little 80s ones. does that mean i am uncool?? oh well!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Courtney, I certainly couldn't tell you what's cool! You have the advantage by being younger to tell me. In fact, I count on you girls to do so!
I remember having the waving iron too. That was awesome.
I haven't seen crimping since the 80's, so if it's back, I need to know!
Keep me cool, girls!

Anonymous said...

That behavior isn't "normal" for an almost 12 year old either but my daughter does it everyday too! Absolutely LOVES animals. Wants to be a vet and an artist. Guess what she draws and paints?


Marcus and Meg Asby said...

I was chatting with Hanna last week and she said, "Have you ever seen Emma run on all fours?" I laughed, and then we talked about how freakishly fast she is. Emma asked me to race her once, but told me, "You can run on two legs." I thought I would have to slow my pace to let her win. Oh, no - not at all. She SMOKED me on all fours, even though I was running as fast as I could on two.

What a great kid.