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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lily 7 & my Bible Study

I know I've mentioned before that I write for a website called Lily 7. There are seven of us writers, and we "discuss" topics on the blog.
But I am excited to say they are also posting my Bible Studies under their resources. I have a new one up there, "Citizens of Heaven" and you can download the pdf version easily if you are interested. I know that's easier than printing it out from a blog, like I have linked below.
Just go to the Lily 7 site (to the right under our ministries), click on resources, and choose Bible Studies. It is at the top.
Just a little FYI.


Liz said...

Its really great...thanks for the wisodom and insight jenn!
see you guys soon!

Liz said...

and if i was at all "wise" i would spell "wisdom" correctly.

Anonymous said...

Jenn, I just read the posts from Feb 22nd. It just so happens that this has been a "hot topic" in our house for several weeks now. I think you all did a great job of really putting it into perspective. Now, just follwing wise counsel is the next big step!
Jenn H