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Sunday, March 16, 2008

"New Day" on TV tonight!!!!

Hey, I don't know if anyone reads blogs on Sundays. Do you? Are there specifications in scripture about blogging on the Sabbath? Probably not.
Just in case, I wanted to put the exciting word out that Rob's song "New Day" will be on Oprah's Big Give show tonight. Set your DVR if you have one. We will be at church...in fact, my whole family, including Rob and Liz are going to be at Living Hope tonight for Jax's baptism!!!!!!!! More on that later...but we are all going to come back here and watch it together.
My sweet little boy is going to be baptized tonight!!! I'll have to share about that when my house does not need me to clean it.
Set your DVR's!


Jennifer Bacak said...

Okay, just kidding.
We were misinformed.
It wasn't last night's episode.
But stay tuned. It's supposed to be on there.

Missy said...

I thought I missed it! I watched the whole show, but with two toddlers in the house, I thought they talked through the whole thing! We will look forward to it!