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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Make your own free t-shirt!!!

A friend e-mailed me this awesome deal! You can get on Vista Print and make a custom t-shirt, and it's free! You only need to pay for shipping. (Lowest is less than $5)
Think of all the awesome things you can put on a t-shirt!
I've got too many in my head to choose from right now...I need more sleep to make this decision.
Let me know if you make one!
(More real posts will come after Spring Break.)


The Kramer Family said...

How cool is that? I'm so going to do this. I just have to come up with the perfect thing to put on my free shirt.....no pressure, right?

Thanks for the info!

Hendrick Family said...

I went and looked at it, and it says the t-shirts are $9 plus about $5 shipping. Am I not reading it right?

Help! I want to do this if it really is that cheap.

I want to make my kickball shirt.

Nicole said...

If you just print the front of the t-shirt it is free. I did one last night. Of course, with the cheaper shipping ($4 and some change) you have to wait 21 days for it. I will let yall know when mine arrives & if it REALLY takes that long.

Nicole said...

OK, I just got an email that my shirt has been shipped (ordered on 3/13). I will let you nko whow it turns out when it gets here.