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Monday, May 12, 2008

American Gladiator Night is BACK!!!

It's back.
Our kids have had this day marked on their calendar for weeks now.
The much anticipated Gladiator return was tonight!
Luckily, we had the Dutys over for dinner, and we got to introduce them
to the Gladiator fun.
We especially like when they say the ridiculously cheesy, scripted trash talk.
That cracks me up!
Beware: As Emma pointed out to Allen Duty while snuggled up in his lap, the girls do NOT dress modestly.
Other than that, it's been a very clean show.
Emma knows every Gladiator by name. Their favorite is Wolf. He's the creepy old guy.
To conclude Gladiator night, we have to have Daddy Gladiator events. (Missing you guys, Adam and Emily!)
It's good family fun.


Melissa Vacek said...

Jenn (& Jenn's friends)-- root for this contender!!!!!

This is the brother of our friend; I e-mailed you about him. He's an Aggie and a strong Christian. The entire family is amazing.... Do the men and women ever compete against each other?? If they did, I'd like to see him up against "HELLga".

Angie said...

My family LOVES Gladiators! It brings us back to our Saturday mornings back in the day...when they had the mullets and teased hair (just like you teased my hair for the wedding night...)!!!

And Emma is right. The ladies outfits are NOT modest.

And Wolfman is the greatest.

Anonymous said...

Did I just read that right that Allen and Rusty had it out with broomstick jousts while balancing on your dining room chairs during Daddy Gladiators???

Woulda paid to see that one! :)

Also, so so sorry about your experience at Chick-Fil-A. We love you Justus, and we love that Jax and Emma were such great "little Christs" in that situation.

Thanfully, you and Rusty can now impart wisdom to all of us other folks that might face the same situation one day (Lord willing!)