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Saturday, May 03, 2008


Justus. What a trip.
We have had three eventful years with him thus far.
I have no doubt life will always be an adventure with Justus.
Some of you remember my older posts about how he off-ed our fish, tried to kill our turtle, painted himself and Treston with nail polish, painted the porch, and flung his poop.
Well, he's grown up a little since then.
He's gained more words, Praise God.
But he's just as mischevious as ever.
Just recently, he spray painted his red tricycle with black spray paint.
He climbed to a top shelf in the garage (while he was supposed to be riding his trike outside on the driveway), pulled out the spray paint, and painted his tricicyle. And a little of our van.
No kidding.
He has Sharpied my computer recently also.
Yep, permanent blue Sharpie all over my computer screen (he traced a word quite well on the screen from his educational web site) and wrote on my keypad.
It eventually came off. Love those magic erasers.
He permanent markered our back porch and wrote Chinese all over our porch swing.
He also recently got my car keys and got in the van, ready for take-off.
(Thank you Jesus for helping me find him first!)
He is definitely the child who is not afraid to drive away in our mini-van. He laughs at childproofing. There is no bottle or container he can't open. And his curiosity drives him. There's nothing he won't try.
He is quick-witted, this little guy, and his laugh is crazy infectious.
(One of my favorite things about him.)
Once Justus started getting some language, we realized this kid was smart.
He has always had an evil genius about him!
But we are positive when he gets "Jesus in his tummy" as he calls it, he will use his powers for good, and not evil!
Is he the most familiar with our spanking spoon? Definitely. Is he challenging? Without a doubt. But is he our joy? YES!
He really is brilliant. We can't take credit for it. He doesn't contain a drop of our DNA. Even if he did, God is the giver of all our gifts, so what credit can we ever take?
He has been ready for school for a while now. He's only three, so I have been focusing on the older kids' school work, but I knew it was time to give him more!
So Erin, my wonderful helper in the mornings and priceless friend, started preparing Pre-K lessons for him. She's a teacher, you know.
We knew he knew his letters and sounds already, and he was already printing many letters.
So we started this past week with regular Pre-K work.
We have been overwhelmed with what he's done in a week!
I'm not kidding when I say HE'S READING.
He started reading words yesterday. I almost thought "Did we imagine this?"
So we just pulled out a word flip book a few moments ago, and had him read words to Rusty and I.
We aren't imagining it. He can read many words.
Simple words, of course, but we are amazed!!!
What will this kid do next to make us stand back with our mouths open?
Who knows?
Praise the Lord, I am seeing more of an awareness of God is his life...more remorse for his sins...more desire to pray.
Someday, he's going to be a great warrior for Christ!
Our little Brown Bear is quick. We're just trying to keep up.


Anonymous said...

Justus is reading!!??
Oh, I want to see it! You weren't kidding when you said he would be reading soon..but really...a week! Go Justus Go!

It makes me sad not to be able to let him read to me...oh I love that boy!

Congrats Justus!


Oh, by the way, I know the Bacaks thing of "us" as a vanilla swirl couple...I was generalizing. I'll have to write a note about that:)

The Mosiers said...

Oh Justus what a joy you are in my day everyday. Life is never dull with you! You've kept me on my toes, never ceasing to amaze me with how smart you really are.

I'm so thankful I will keep seeing you everyday next year!!


Anonymous said...

I love you Justus.

I am SO thankful that you are starting to use your words so well! Way to go!

I remember when you were teeny-tiny and you didn't talk AT ALL, and now you are growing into such a big boy!

I love that you love firetrucks.

Lots of hugs,

Anonymous said...

I love it! That sounds just like Mr. Lex. If you take your eyes off of him for literally 2 seconds, he KNOWS and he is OFF..I bought some dry erase markers to write scripture on my bathroom mirror (and some windows), well I guess he wanted to help too. Now I have red marker all over the bathroom wall! WHAT is that? He too is very good friends with the paddle! I know the Lord has AMAZING plans for him! Thanks for sharing! KMyers

Anonymous said...

Justus has stolen my heart in Cubbies, I will miss him this summer.

Thanks for sharing him with us.

I love you Justus!

Ms. Cindy

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love this little boy! Sometimes I wish he still sat next to me while I tried to get ready! I do get to see him everyday though, I still have the sweet picture of him in my bible! ;) I love hearing about his growth! WAY TO GO JUSTUS!
Love you,

Marcus and Meg Asby said...

I laughed so hard at the off-ed your fish story (hadn't read it before).

Yea, Justus!! Reading is so fun!! I'm not surprised at your brilliance, sweet boy.

BRANDI said...

I know I said I would do this a LONG time ago...I'm sorry...
It was such a blessing watching your children today. I had a BLAST! They are such a joy!


Anonymous said...

Our now 18 year old did many creative things with sharpie markers when he was little too. He also was very proud to show us how he knew how to write his name. He demonstrated by taking us outside and showing us where he'd written his name on the side of our brand new truck with a sprinkler! He's now preparing to enter the mission field. Great joy indeed!


Anonymous said...


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