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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Caught Red-Handed

I know, the title was just too easy.
This is our two-year-old.
This is him playing on the porch, with the grown-ups pre-occupied with the dishes.
He got a hold of the red paint and was just squeezing away when we found him.
You can't see it in the picture, but red paint is everywhere! All over the porch and grass.
Rusty says it looks like a bad scene in CSI.
He wanted to draw chalk outlines around some of it for effect.
That's his innocent face he's giving to his Daddy, who is looking at him AND me disapprovingly because I got out the camera. This is not the face he gave me after the poop flinging incident. He was purely proud of himself for that one. But his Daddy wasn't there either. That seems to make a difference. Rusty assured me, while scrubbing everything and everyone of red paint, no matter how many cute babies I see at church, prompting me to beg him to get me another one, this is it! In these moments he feels very sure.
You gotta love the 2's!


D. Bacak fam said...

That's the same "what?" look that Rusty gave me when he would stuff his desk drawers with 9 month old hard boiled eggs, dead newts, and half consumed Nutter Butter cookies. What goes around...

Kathryn Berilla said...

That is probably the cutest, most innocent looking face I have seen!! It is like he is saying "I don't see the problem here"!!!!

Melodi said...

There is a huge difference between this story and the poop one. If I were his mom, the red paint would not cause me to throw up. That's the difference. I think an award should be given to any parent who can clean up a child or room after a poop incident like the one you described! This would be why people used to laugh in my face when I said I wanted to be a nurse. :)