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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Addition to Favorites List

Faithful Bacak bloggers: Remember the favorites list? I want to make an addition. (Is anyone else hooked on that creamer? It gets me up in the morning.)
Are you ready?
Jogging in the rain.
Yes, Rusty and I went jogging in the pouring rain last night, and I felt a little like Rocky. It was awesome.
The sad thing was that when I returned home, despite the theme music playing in my head, I didn't look so hot. I forgot I put on eye make-up, and it was streaked down one side of my face. I looked more like that messed-up chic on Star Trek with, like, half of her face melted. Jodi was frightened of me.
But jogging in the rain- you got to try it! Okay, I know, it's still jogging, but that's just a necessary evil in my life. If you're going to jog, you ought to try it in the rain.


Hendrick Family said...

Jogging AND my makeup messed up? That would be one of the levels in Heather's Inferno. Really.

D. Bacak fam said...

How did Rusty's makeup hold up? That's the beauty of a marriage relationship. You can learn to adapt to new situations with each other, and gain valuable insights along the way. Check with Rusty before you go "Rocky in the Rain" again.