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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Emma's new slogan

I knew this day would come. From the time she could point and make noises, we knew she was passionate about animals. Not in the normal, little kid way, but to the point of obsession. Still, as a five-year-old (almost 6-aaaaaaaaaahhhh!) she lives half of her life as some sort of animal.
This week we are studying farming. I knew I needed to tread carefully in the subject of farming for meat. It's not as if I showed her pictures of a slaughter house. No. I simply told her that some farms raise cows for us to eat meat, and chickens, etc., so on.
Well, at the lunch table today, she declared to Rusty and I, as we ate meat, that killing animals for meat was "not fair" and she would not do it anymore. This slogan was actually almost verbatim what she said. She wants to save the lives of animals. She wants to buy her own farm so that she can raise them to live.
Rusty tried the whole "God gave us animals to eat...blah,blah." But her adament response is "it's not fair." So she will not be apart of it anymore. I told her she was becoming a "vegetarian", which is strange for a child who boycotts vegetables.
We'll see how long this lasts. I told her I respected her decision. This may last until tomorrow, or until she's 16. Or maybe she has made a life-long choice at 5. I don't know. But knowing my Emma, it doesn't the least bit surprise me.


D. Bacak fam said...

I guess this means I should return the George Foreman Double Burger Deluxe grill we bought Emma for her 6th birthday. It's so hard to buy for kids these days.

Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

Can I just say that a few years ago I met a 27 year old vegetarian who told me that she decided to become a vegetarian at age 5 (due to a case of her pet pig being served for dinner on the farm-- classic huh?)...and I almost didn't believe her!

What five year old decides that!?!

Apparently very amazing ones like Miss Emma!

So get ready, this may be the REAL THING.


P.s. Did you ever answer her "How do babies come out of Mommies' bellies" question?

Jennifer Bacak said...

Oh, yeah. We had that talk on the way home from your baby shower! It was a very grown-up moment for me and Emma. She said "I came out that way!" But you know, if I told her she was beamed down from an alien ship, she would believe that too!
And yes, the vegetarian thing is still holding up so far.
jenn- Emma's Mom