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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Emma's new supertalent

My daughter has many talents. Like the uncanny animal noises she makes. Or travelling at the speed of light on all fours! (Challenge her to a race if you don't believe me.) She can climb any tree. She can catch a bug, no matter how fast, slimy, or disghusting it is. (Some may not deem this a supertalent, but in the Bacak house, it is.) But we have a new one this week...
READING! My little girl read three early reader books today!!! I am awed and amazed! We are just in our third week of Kindergarten, and she has begun reading! I feel like I just gave birth, or potty-trained a kid, or one of those achievements that Moms remember for a lifetime. It's so exciting! She has come so far so fast, and I could not be prouder of her! So come over and let Emma read you a book!


Hendrick Family said...


You are so big! Welcome to the wonderful world of words.


I am equally as proud of you! Good job! Now your IBS can settle down, huh! She can read. She won't be dumb. Eat some candy.

Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

How early is too early for a newborn? Emma can read to Baby Jude ANY time!

After chasing Rusty down on his lunch break, we thought we'd get a chance to see you guys yesterday...and were sad that we didn't!

By the way, I like candy. If you aren't gonna eat yours, i will. someone's gotta celebrate this exciting event!!