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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Poop Flinger

I hesitated to put this story on the blog when it happenned because I fear that some of you childless people, with weak stomachs, might not be able to take it. Or that you might swear off having children. Or you young marrieds would immediately double up on your birth control. But the story has been requested by more than one, so I'm posting it. Read at your own risk.
Our precious little two-year-old bundle of joy had a surprise for us one afternoon. I went to get him out of his bed after nap time on a Saturday afternoon. What I found was him standing in his bed, covered in poop, poop flung all over the room, (I mean, to every corner of his large room! On the guest bed, etc. As Rusty would say- He's got a good arm.) He had also rubbed it all over the rails of his crib.
Somehow, his diaper had fallen off, and he had peed on his pillow and thrown that out of his crib. Then he pooped, and just had a big party with it I guess. When I went to pick him up, tip-toeing through a mine field of poop, I couldn't stop saying "Sick! Justus, gross!" and of course, hollering for my husband. I very gingerly plucked him from his bed, and headed straight for the bath, since the poop was now getting crusty all over him. Now the real hero of this story is my husband!!! Yes, he cleaned and sanitized the room. He's a man like no other man. He's my knight and shining armor. Single girls, marry a man who will do such a thing for you! It's just lucky for me my husband is a doctor, and sees and does things in a day that would make the rest of us common folk dry-heave on the spot.
As for Justus, he was quite proud of himself. No kidding, in the bath, he was giggling away. It was nothing but good fun for him. The adventures of Parenthood!


Jon, Sally, & Jude said...


Yesterday, as I was discussing the woes of a gassy baby, Rusty reminesced about Justus "fighting" his poos. He recalled that Justus would just lie there and turn red. Well, Jude may be kin to Justus...cause this baby can "fight it" and grunt with the best of them.

Aren't we glad they grow up...

Rusty told us that the key identifier that Justus has pooed is that he's laughing his head off. haha! I loved that! I hope Jude does that too...

I mean REALLY...how can you NOT love a kid who giggles when he poos!?!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I think Rusty giggles when he poos too. I'm not sure, because I'm not with him, but I think so...

Jennifer Bacak said...

I think Rusty giggles when he poos too. I'm not sure, because I'm not with him, but I think so...

Garratts said...

Ok Reese did that too.
She also did it in my car one time.

Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

oh jenn.

it takes more and more faith every time to trust rusty with our son.

although i do have to say, even if he giggles when he poos, he truly is a penile artist.

way to go rusty.

and...poor, poor ashley. did you go push your car off of a very steep ledge?? cause I must say, I would have.

Vanessa Brooks said...

So I am guessing Jude is now circumcised? Thanks for updating the blogworld!

-great story Jen- I look forward to having stories like these on my own someday..

I may have perhaps be dating the man I marry- and he would definitely receive the "Excellent Wife" gold star..

the Apels said...

Oh no! I am gonna start praying right now that this NEVER happens with Asher!

Luckily, my sweet husband works at home and would be easily accessible and more than willing to be the poop-cleaner-upper. You gotta love our men!

Hendrick Family said...

Is that some of the poo on his plate?

Jennifer Bacak said...

Yes, when he poos and flings it, we make him eat it. It's a great form of discipline.
NOOOOO!!!!!!!!! He's eating a chocolate Rice Crispy in the pic, for all who are curious. See him smiling? Much tastier than poo, I imagine.
Vanessa, who is this man!? I need more info.
And Kirby, I'm afraid disghusting things are coming your way, but you will handle it like a pro, because we are desensitizing you to the grossness that parenthood can bring. You and Charlie will be awesome!