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Friday, September 29, 2006

Come see #3

You must see the new soccer player in our house.
Jax had his first game last Saturday, and y'all, this is entertainment at it's finest. And free! No one will charge you a ticket. Just bring a chair and have a seat. You're garunteed to laugh.
Jax did a great job last Saturday! He scored a goal, which was way exciting! He had the proudest look on his face. He assisted others. (This sounds very professional, for players who can't remember which goal is theirs.)
He was awesome! What surprised us was he was an aggressive player! Rusty was thrilled. (Not aggressive like throw other kids down and stomp on them, but intent on getting the ball, and not afraid to get in the middle of it.) Yet he was still focused mostly on snack time, and blowing me kisses from the field. Goodness, he's too cute.
We tried soccer last year with Emma, and it was an interesting season. It turned out soccer was not Emma's thing. She was the team flower-picker. She's never felt the need to follow the crowd, and soccer was no exception. If everyone is huddled around the ball, she'd rather be somewhere else. And as you can imagine, we had a hard time keeping her upright on the field. She spent much of the time on all-fours. We were always yelling "Stop being a puppy Emma!" She would bark back at us. Soccer didn't go so well last year. We got smart and followed her true passion with horses. She excels at riding horses and is dog-gone beautiful doing it! She and her horse are ONE!
But soccer could be Jax's thing. Who knows? Either way, this season is going to be so fun to watch!


Kathryn Berilla said...

Soccer is so much fun. It is great to watch them as the season goes on.
It is also nice as they get older, their games get later in the day, so you don't have to be there at 8:00 am!!!!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Thankfully, most of our games, including tomorrows, is at 11am. We got lucky!

D. Bacak fam said...

Way to go Jax! Uncle D and Aunt Shelby are proud of you and can't wait to see you in action real soon.

Hendrick Family said...

Junk monkey, he's so cute.

Hendrick Family said...

Did he get a double play?

Jennifer Bacak said...

You're killing me Heather! I hope you have a dictionary that includes sports terms.