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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Goodbye to our good friend, Suki

We need to say goodbye to our good friend, Suki.

Not to be confused with "sushi."

This was Emma's beloved fish, and her end was disastrous and traumatic for all in the Bacak household.

There is a culprit in this story, who was behind the murder of our friend Suki, and you may have guessed him already. He's little, brown, and has an irresistable mischevious grin. You guessed it.

So Justus has tried to "off" Suki once before. He climbed up on the bathroom counter (knowingly violating rule #1) and poured Suki out of her fishbowl into the sink to watch her flop around, while giving his evil laugh. Luckily, I caught Suki that time, scooped her back in, replaced her water, and sighed in relief that we were saved from Suki's untimely death.

But this past week, it went down a little differently. Rusty and I were out on the back porch, as I was starting to buzz his head. (For his cool new haircut.) And I had just buzzed one wide strip right down the middle of his head, when we heard Emma screaming, frantically calling for us. I reluctantly put down the clippers, leaving Rusty on the porch wearing a garbage bag with a hole cut in it over him, with his arms tucked in. When I arrived on the scene, I'm sad to say, Suki was already gone. Not only had Justus successfully dumped Suki out into the sink, but was then running scalding water over her. Emma was watching in terror and disbelief. Suki never had a chance.

I called Rusty in, garbage bag on and one stripe cut out of his head, to spank the little booger, while I did my best grief counseling with my sweet, "one with nature", "all animals love me!" Emma. She was weeping, saying over and over "I can't believe this happenned to Suki! She was my best Suki ever!" We sat on the back porch, and gave Suki the best funeral we knew how. What was really sweet was, Emma really wasn't upset with Justus at all. He came out, post-spanking, to kiss Emma. Jax joined us, with his own set of tears, and Daddy came out, again with one strip buzzed out of the top of his head, garbage bag removed, with a shovel to bury our Suki in the backyard. Emma asked Daddy to pray, and sweet Emma forgave Justus quickly.

She wants a new Suki now.

The whole night was a sad one for Em, but she has recovered.

I knew at the moment that this would be a story that would be funny later, but it was too sad at the time.

Goodbye Suki. How we loved you. How you...swam around....and...ate your food. You were a good fish. We're glad you're with Jesus now.


liz said...

i'm sorry i laughed at this story.
i think i am supposed to cry-
i am sad for emma and i hope you guys get a new fish and you put it up in a bowl on a really tall shelf!

D. Bacak fam said...

I too am saddened by Emma's loss, but am stricken with laughter over the whole incident. The only thing better would have been the neighbors calling the cops when they spotted a strange looking striped hair man digging up the Bacaks yard with a shovel. Here's to you, Mr. Suki.

Hendrick Family said...

So funny. I wish there was a picture of Rusty with his striped head instead of this fish. I would pay money to have seen a man wearing a trash bag sporting that funny hair-do spanking a child.

Since the fish was already steamed...did you roll it up in sea weed and rice and dip it in wasabe?

Your non-pet loving friend...