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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

School is Fun!

The Homeschooling has begun! Emma had her first day of Kindergarten yesterday, and Jax- Pre-K. We did calendar, (all in sign, because when I teach, I default to sign. I used to be a Deaf Ed. teacher for Pre-K/K for those who are confused.) they "journaled", which they loved, we had a lesson on the sun, which is what they are painting about in the picture, and we also had lessons in sign language, reading, and math. Rusty built me that awesome easel! Impressive, hu? The man can build me anything if it will save us money. He's amazing!
The last two days have been so fun! Teaching them is a blast! They are responding well so far, and I am loving it. I can't imagine missing out on these millions of moments with them, learning and having fun together. Today Justus slept for one hour of our teaching, and then glued macaroni on paper for almost the entire remainder of it. He is learning too!
For those who have not read my previous post, let me again say, I don't think homeschooling is for everyone. Nor do I think it's "God's Way" for education. I NEVER thought it would be my way! But for a former teacher, which I'm finding many homeschool Moms I know are, we're having a good time. So far, so good!

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