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Monday, August 07, 2006

Got Breast milk?

I seriously pulled into Target the other day and parked next to a mini-van with this sticker on it.

She also had one that read "I make milk. What's your superpower?"

If you know me, you know that I could not possibly be MORE for breastfeeding. I have to be very careful not to push this on others, because I feel strongly about it.

But bumper stickers?

I will pay any of you $20 if you will put this sticker on your car for a month.

Maybe more if Aaron will put it on his truck.


Lyns said...

Ok, this cracks me up! I'm also a breastfeeding advocate (not to be confused with a breastfeeding NAZI). But, this takes BF advocate to a whole new level. It is so funny what lengths people will go to to prove a point!

This is up there with t-shirts I've seen that say:
'Mommy's milk is better than any UDDER milk'
'Eat at Mom's'
and a baby bid that said:
'Peter Rabbit was breastfed'

I learned of this website that sells these hilarious bf memorabilia when I went to a LLL meeting.

I would also pay Aaron $20 to put this on his truck. So, he is now at $40 of prize money just to put this on his truck.........FOR LIFE!


Lyns said...

That would be baby 'BIB' not 'BID' because that makes no sense!

Seay Famiy said...

jojo if you pay me $20 i will totally put that on my car! i wonder what mom would think about that! haha! no but really i would! so you get it for me and i will put it on my car! so BRING IT ON!!

Peace It Out!

JEssica (your sister)

Seay Famiy said...
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Seay Famiy said...

jojo i will totally put that on my car! just buy it and i will do it! i wonder what mom would say! haha! sooo thats what i want for my birthday! haha! BRING IT ON!!

Peace It Out!!

your sister who want to cook just like you,


Hendrick Family said...


Will do. Bring me a bumper sticker and a couple of $20 bills.

And as for "FOR LIFE" ... with 265,000 miles on it already, the life of that red truck is probably not much longer anyway.


Hendrick Family said...

This is Allen Duty.

I will put as many of these stickers on my car as you will pay me $20 each for. I will literally cover the vehicle to make money.

I love money ... and breast milk.