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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

10-15 minutes?

I had to "RUN" into Wal-Mart this morning... a necessary evil in my life...and I always laugh to myself when I see these signs for Mom with kids parking that say 10-15 min. limit.
Now I want to make clear, I LOVE THE MOM WITH KIDS PARKING! If we see you pulling into this spot at HEB without children visible in your car, Rusty WILL stop, and say something to you. I'm not kidding.
But the fact that Wal-Mart thinks that a mother with small children could possibly get in and out of it's giant time-sucking store in that short amount of time is laughable to me! It's going to take me 7.5 min. to get in, and at least that to get out. That's not taking into account the joyous 30-45 min. I spend juggling three kids with their teeny-tiny baskets! Could someone from Target call Sam and let him know about the baskets? Sometimes I would rather just spend the extra money at Target (and because it's a happy place; it has Starbucks) than to deal with the lack of basket space.
I have decided not to take this time limit literally, but more as a suggestion.


Hendrick Family said...

Do NOT even get me started about Wal-Mart. It's sad that "Help me not hate all things associated with Wal-Mart" is actually something the Lord hears me ask of Him.

If I ever do have to go there, I always have to stop in the parking lot and say something to my children like...."You guys...you know how much I can't stand this place. I'm mad just sitting in the parking lot...so please, pretty please, be on your best behavior, because adding one fit, or fight, or whiney statement could send me right over the edge...consider yourself warned."

I know we all have our thorn in the side...but my thorn is about a football field long.

Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

Ok. Here's my question (and I'm asking it a bit late...I'm catching up on my blog reads):

What about pregnant women at HEB?

I have recently decided that I am technically a "customer with child". I have no moral guilt for using these ridiculously close parking spots...I get to spare the world from watching me waddle farther than they have to. For goodness sake my baby's car seat is already installed!!

What does Rusty say to that? Does he really have the gall to call out a prego lady in the middle of the HEB parking lot?

Lyns said...

Okay. So here is a recent awful Wal-Mart story that happened to me today in po-dunk Navasota.

So, I went in to get diapers and then swing by the pregnancy tests. To my surprise and shock, I found the tests locked in a glass cabinet with condoms. At first, I thought I would just forget the whole bit and wait to buy one later. But, then I thought to myself. 'I'm married. There is no shame in this.'

I went to the pharmacy which was at the back of this isle to ask the pharmacists, who was a stern older man, how I go about getting a pregnancy test. This was a little out of my comfort zone, but the thoughts of there being no shame in this were still in the front of my mind.

The pharmacist informed me that he had to page a manager to unlock the cabinet for me. So, he called over the loud speaker for a manager to come to the pharmacy. I waited infront of this glass cabinet with all of the pregnancy tests and 50 million types of condoms. This isle is pretty much the most humiliating ilse that exists. It has the condoms, the yeast infection creams, the pegnancy tests, the diarrhea medications, hemoroid creams, etc!

Finally, after standing here for 10 minutes I went back to the pharmacist and said that they never showed up. So, the pharmacist pages the manager and says that they are needed to unlock the cabinet for a pregnancy test. Embarassing! I felt my blood start to boil. At this point, I was so frustrated and Kaylyn had about all she could take sitting in front of their fish tank section looking into a tank with 10(!!!) dead fish in it.

The red-vest elder man finally approaches the isle and wants to know what I need out this cabinet of sorts. I told him that I needed a pregnancy test. He grabs one of each kind and begins telling me the benefits of each of them. I opt for the cheaper Wal-Mart brand one and tell the manager in a very polite way that was one of the most akward moments in my life and that a customer should not have to wait 10 minutes to get a simple little test.

I don't know why this was so embarrassing to me, but it just was. It is almost like something that is supposed to be special moment was just totally made to be like buying a ninetendo game. I could have done without this happening.

Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

Even though we're married I do have to admit that I always feel awkward buying that pregnancy test...
So Lynsey, I hear ya.

FYI- The dollar store sells prego tests and apparently they're just as accurate. So just say no to $7.50 prego tests! Oh how much money we've wasted! And we've only been at it for a year & eight months!

Jennifer Bacak said...

The Dollar Store sells pregnancy tests!!!! Shut up!!!!!!!
Everyone knows that it's not just 7.50 a pop, because you have to buys at least three boxes before you believe it! We could have saved approximately a million dollars over the span of our 8 year marriage on this!
Lyns, this truly was a terribly story. That was ridiculous, and if I could afford it, I would call for a Wal-Mart boycott. Sadly, none of us can afford that. We are all in need of this time-sucking, money-saving, people-embarrassing pit.
Before Rusty's little surgery (he loves it when I tell everyone about it), I used to have to buy condoms often, and if they were encased like that and I had to call a manager, we would have about 6 more children, because I would never have done it. I hated just putting them on the check-out belt enough!
Lynsey, you have funny stories, and I want you to have a blog!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Oh and Sally- Enjoy the parking space. If you have a car seat, you're in. And Rusty would never call a pregnant woman out on ANYTHING, I can ensure you. He is so much smarter than that!