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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My Kids Say the Darndest Things...

Jax: Where do I begin? He has quite a bit of Scooby-doo lingo going on. Like "Let's split up gang!" or "Yikes!" or "Jinkys!" I feel like we could all jump in the Mystery Machine and go!
Jax tends to be the king of one-liners. He has these catch-phrases that crack us up. One of his favorites for a long time was "Shake it Down." Every now and then, he would just randomly say "Shake it down, Mom." His latest is "Tick-Tock." That's how he says goodbye. And sometimes he'll throw "get it?" into a normal sentence, like there's a punch line, when there actually is not. Like "Let's go brush our teeth. Get it? brush our teeth!?" No one gets it. Except him.
He is very captivated with Indians right now. (Sorry, they're just not Native Americans to him!) Today he wanted to go around in his boxers all day because that's what Indians would do. Shirts are for the white man.

Emma: I wish I had a script of so many of our conversations, but today the cutest thing she did was to be Disney's veterinarian. This is her life aspiration. She wants to "heal animals for God." Disney went jogging with us last night and got something in her paw. When we came back, it was bleeding. Ever since then, Emma has been fussing over her non-stop, doing anything to make her feel better. Tonight, she put on her scrub top, got her toy stethescope on, and put band-aids on Disney's paws. The funny thing was that Disney let her. She kept telling Disney she was her best patient! She saw many other "patients" (stuffed animals), but Dis was her best!

Justus: Still word-less, but humorous nonetheless. (Is nonetheless really a word? Because it's really three words in one. What a deal.) Anyway, Justus has a new lease on life with his stool. He carries around his step stool (yes, that is the kind of stool I'm referring to) everywhere he goes to reach things that were formerly out of the question. This has opened up a whole new world, like reaching the water spout on the refrigerator door and flooding the kitchen. He feels very proud of his added height and abilities to achieve greater mischief.

It's always fun in the Bacak house!


Hendrick Family said...

Jax's "Shake it down" is the current title of the Hendrick blog. Aaron loved that!

The Garratts said...

I want to hear Jax say "shake it down"