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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


OK -
Although I will probably be sued for breeches of patient-doctor confidentiality (the names of the people have been changed to protect the not so innocent), I though it would be fun to post the crazy and funny and interesting cases of the week in my practice. This includes the worst "I decided to call the doctor on call at 3:30 in the morning for my month long rash" calls. Now for medical enigmas, the Hendrick family usually takes the cake, but none this week!

Case 1: SLOSHED: I had a "city call" hit (we take turns admitting ER patients who have no docs) with a blood alcohol level of 427. That probably does not mean much to you, but realize that Mel Gibson's level was 120 and I think the legal limit is 75! 427!! The amazing thing - that is not even why he was at the hospital - he came for chest pain. How do you feel ANY pain at 427? The good news for me was that his heart was so pickled by years of booze that his heart was OK. He left the hospital with a level of 286 not even slurring.

Case2: This is the "House" case (although so far I have hated that show - the guy is an absolute jerk!) of the week: A gentlemen came with fever up to 105 and suddenly could not move his legs. He could feel them though. Different possibilities included abscess in the spinal cord or even POLIO! To make a long story short - it looks like West Nile Virus! Unfortunatley, he might not improve! Pray for this guy and buy DEET repellent!

Case 3: 2 year old with fever and seizures on her birthday. Likely viral meningitis and no big deal, although could also be coming back as West Nile Virus!!! Freaking me out!! She's OK though.


Hendrick Family said...

Who needs House when we have this? I mean, really?

And...this is WAY less likely to make me think I have hair cancer when I'm done reading it.

I just whitened my teeth. Can you get teeth cancer?

Lyns said...

Okay, seriously. West Nile!!!! AHHHHH! This is totally freaking me out too! I am going to have to stay on the ball of the repellant (with DEET even though the word DEET freaks many people out!). Okay, for the rest of us dummies, what are the symptoms of West Nile? I really want to know.

I love this! Keep up the crazy medical stories. Jason is going to be a big fan of his. I don't know if much beat his 'apple up the hiney' story though.

Hendrick Family said...

The reason why Lynsey is wanting to know the symptoms is because if getting West Nile is only a weird, whacky, not-normal thing...she knows Jason is going to get it.

Right, Lynsey?

Jennifer Bacak said...

Okay, update...
much to everyone's surprise, the West Nile came back negative. They have no idea what this is. He's had paralysis of the legs, but he moved a little the other day, so that is positive. We'll let you know what happens next with it.
But rest easier, those fearing West Nile.
We would love to read about the apple up the hiney story on your new and upcoming blog (Lynsey)!
Sadly, Rusty has several stories similar to that. What is wrong with people? It baffles me!
We seem to attract new bizarre patients everyday. So the stories will keep coming.
(Without names and identifying info. of course.)

Lyns said...

Heather, you are sooo right! This will give Jason something else to be OCD about! West Nile is pretty concerning to me. Will it ever go away? I am dumb on this matter (and lots of other matters for that matter).