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Friday, August 11, 2006

My brother Chris, and a Shark Attack

These are my cutie nieces and nephew, Hanna, Trinity, and Christian. (Solomon is missing from the pic, but he's a cutie too.) I don't even like to mention the phrase Shark Attack in the same post with their picture in the water, but let me explain...

My brother Chris (the oldest of my three bros) has an interesting life. He is a well-known Emergent Church Pastor, Church Planter, Author (if you'd like to know the dirt on my family, you can buy his book "Faith of My Fathers" by Chris Seay- order it on Amazon or wherever) and Speaker. Part of his interesting work is to spend most of the summer in the Bahamas, meeting with other pastors there and writing his books. He works for NavPress, and is doing a Bible Translation project right now. ANYWAY, he and his family are in the Bahamas, and this is the latest story that he related to us...

The shark attack was the big drama here on our first day - we have not seen any sharks since. But if you have not heard a teenage girl was bit on the forearm while snorkeling. I was the closest to them when they started screaming and lots of blood was in the water. I passed off Christian and swam out to pull her in - they were in major shock and were basically hysterical so it was not easy to get them in. The strangest part of it was clamping down on the wound to slow the bleeding while i drug her in and feeling an empty spot on her arm where the chunk was taken. I thought she could bleed out quickly, but my friend Greg (pastor in st louis) got a towel to wrap with pressure and the condo employees took her to a clinic where they got her stabilized and flown to the US. It was pretty crazy.

I was shocked and appalled that a shark attack occurred at the beach where my sweet little nieces and nephews were frolicking in the water, but not the LEAST BIT surprised that my brother rescued this girl. If any of you know my bro, you know what I'm talking about. Crazy. I've always said, we are living polar opposite lives. I'll call him, while sitting in my house, doing laundry, and he'll say, "Yeah, we're in Seattle speaking at a conference. We've been sitting in these hot tubs where you can see the whales swim up near you...blah,blah,blah" Or wherever he is, something interesting is happenning, probably because of him.
Maybe next time I will write something on the Adventures of Robbie or Brian, but this was too weird not to share.


Hendrick Family said...

Ok, the most disturbing part of your brother's story is that it didn't end like this:

And then we packed our bags and got the Bahamas out of there!

You are right...who rescues someone from a shark attack? I mean who does that? Who even sees a shark attack...and then SWIMS TOWARDS IT?

Your brother should write a book all about what on earth went through his mind that made him swim towards a shark. We all need to know. Whatever prompted him to do such a thing has to be the element we mediocre people are all missing. If I could unleash my "swim towards a shark" instinct, maybe I could be a famous author too, writing in the Bahamas for the summer instead of swimming at Thomas Park Pool.

Go Jenn's brother!!!

The Garratts said...

I want to squeeze that little baby's cheeks.


Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

I second Ashley.