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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's a Bacak thing

Yes, if you know our family, you know my husband loves soccer.
He has played it all of his life, up to the present day.
I admire that he has loved the same sport, and continued to play it for so long.
Whether or not our kids will play, who knows?
But they will always wear the jerseys Rusty buys them in Mexico. (while on Medical Mission trip each year) You may have noticed them.
This year...bright yellow. This really freaked out the newly named Hendrick dog, Homey. He was not sure about the yellow...but it helps so that we never lose them in the mall, or at the park, we can just glance up, look for yellow within a 3 mile radius, and we're good.
I wanted Rusty to bring me back a cool, matching, Mom jersey; but these were the only ones he could find, and they say "Bimbo" on the front, and the sponsor on the back is Corona. This would make me not necessarily the cool Mom, but another kind of Mom...not good.
How cute are my bright yellow soccer players?

1 comment:

Hendrick Family said...

Now that I have blonde hair, we should get our pictures taken in these jerseys. Fun.