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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Justus and Red Nail Polish

These two things are not a good combination.
Our little firefighter Justus really does love red, so of course he would want to paint with red nail polish.
And he did.
He painted his face, his head, and mostly his hair.
But that wasn't enough.
He had to paint his brother too!
Treston's head and face were brightly painted as well.
When the little bandit was caught, Erin and I went to scrubbing them.
We scrubbed and scrubbed.
Justus' hair still has red highlights, and Treston's scalp has some large, fading spots of red.
Of course we tried nail polish remover, but have you ever tried to get nail polish off of hair and the scalp? Not easy.
I couldn't write this yesterday. It wasn't funny yet.
Erin and I knew, as we scrubbed our little brown, painted-red people that it would be funny eventually. Just not yet.
Rusty called, and he asked why I sounded frustrated. I explained. He laughed. I told him "it's not funny yet!"
Amanda called, and then she laughed. It still wasn't funny yet!
So much of what Justus does will eventually be funny, but it takes a while.
And I'm puzzled as to why Treston sits still and lets him do these things to him?
Last week, for example...
I walked into the playroom, and saw large marks written on Treston's forehead.
I said "Who wrote on Treston?"
Justus, while holding a pen in his hand, shrugged his shoulders and said "I dunno." (not exactly in those words, but with the intonation implying it.)
This is not a good sign for future mischief ahead.
If Treston is going along for the ride, we are in big trouble.
I think we need to teach him to tattle, soon and often.
Just never a dull moment.
At least the carpet didn't get it. Justus had perfect aim.


Liz said...

oh my goodness- red polish!
i can't believe it didn't get on the floors or furniture.
sweet treston...poor little guy.
one day he'll be able to run away!

(my brothers wrote all over my bedroom door with red lipstick when i had a friend spend the night as kids...i think you might just be getting a preview of years to come with boys around!)

Anonymous said...

awh, jenn...never a dull moment for you!!! i could tell when i got your email that it wasn't funny yet, but i expected it to make it to your blog wall before long as an adventure! you're a tough Mom...i know you'll make it through all the mischief!!! i love you and miss you tons!!

Nicole said...

oh girl......
Wowsers! I had a similiar incident with permanent blue marker, white bathroom cabinets, white tile and white walls. It still isnt funny.

Hope Road said...

Awww, stories like this, actually make me miss Justus!! (maybe because i dont have to clean it up!)Thanks for keeping us updated! I miss of yall lots!

nancy said...

oh...this made me think of the "baby powder" incident and the "red and blue paint" incident and the "deodorant" incident and the "yellow marker up the nose" incident and the "tiny beads in the ears" incident and the "lip liner" incident and the "Mary Kay Lipstick" incident and the...

Cindy Seay said...

Justus sounds like one of your brothers who could honestly look you in the eye and deny involvement in any kind of mischief.
God bless you, baby! I pray for you lots!
i love you,

Karen said...

Awww I bet it was so hard not to laugh! What a cutie! And I can't believe he's already recruiting Treston ... you have your hands full! Ha!

Anonymous said...

I can relate! My oldest daughter was a painter too. I came home from the grocery store one afternoon and my then 3 year old daughter was standing on the kitchen table, sobbing, as my husband was scrubbing her down from head to toe, mumbling all the while "what were you thinking? I can't believe you did this!" etc. She'd painted her entire body, the living room sofa and our chest freezer with a jar of peanut butter! The whole house smelled like fresh roasted peanuts! She's also painted with chocolate pudding, cake, real paint, and of course, red nail polish! She's 15 now, and I can't wait to remind her of these antics when she has children one day.