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Friday, September 07, 2007

Outdoor Baths

While it's warm outside, who needs indoor baths?
In the Bacak house, a water hose, a trampoline, and a little baby shampoo will do.
Justus calls this "water jump", and if you've been over lately, he has probably signed this to you, while pulling you toward the backyard. He thinks everyone should water jump with him!
Last week, we had a spontaneous water jump after dinner, and the kids stripped down to their underwear to spray each other with the hose.
Rusty put on his swimming trunks to join in, because he's a good Dad, and even more so, because he's really 12 on the inside.
I was inside doing the Mom thing...washing dishes, smiling and waving from the window. They started to chant "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" So I decided to abandon the kitchen responsibilities and the dignified Mom persona (where you never get your hair wet???) and get wet with them. I was so glad I did! It was way funner(because that's a word!) than sweeping the kitchen floor.
Then we all started to chant "Sage! Sage! Sage!" This was Sage's first week to live with us, so who knows what she was thinking at this point, but we knew she was perfect for this house! She jumped in with us, and let Jax spray her down relentlessly too. So much fun! A trampoline with four kids, three adults, and covered in baby shampoo is fun AND treacherous! I felt so proud that the night did not end in an ER visit and an x-ray! Success!
We have no pictures of the actual trampoline part because we were ALL on it. No photographer was present. Did anyone have "Flash" in college? At Baylor we had a company called Flash, and they were always there. No matter what the event, what time of day...you could have a pow-wow at Wal-Mart at 3am, and you could just call out "Flash!" and they would be there, snapping away at all your cheesy college girl poses. Sometimes I wish Flash lived with us to capture our every precious moment. I'm doing my best to document these things. Any BU grads getting a fun flashback? What did you guys have like this at A&M?
So much fun! Moments like these are memorable. Where's Flash when you need them?


Hendrick Family said...

If you find out where we can sign up for flash...put my name on the list!

Outdoor baths are the best!


Ryan Price said...

Flash... What a genius idea! However, I really don't think I would want to run around with sorority girl in the middle of the night and snap away at them.

I really don't think that there was anything like this at A&M.

Maybe if I'm REALLY hard up for a job when I get back to CS in May, I'll start a company. Lynsey Kramer can run around with with a baby on her hip and snap away too! What fun!!

Jennifer Bacak said...

NO, you would not want the job of Flash at a sorority function. I always felt really sorry for those guys. But I think you could just be the Hendricks' Flash person. Weren't you kind of doing that already, Ryan? There you go Heather.

Amy Seay said...

That sounds so fun! No missing teeth I presume. Next time, set up the tripod in the backyard and the camera on timer and go to town! I'd like to see everyone on the tramoline!

Liz said...

we do this lots too!
bathing in the yard is fun!
hey...what happened to jax'leg?

nancy said...

I remember Flash. I wasn't in a sorority, but they were at every Baylor function.

I, too, am surprised that no one ended up in the ER. That combination makes for one interesting slip and slide.

King Family said...

Oh Jen. How fun. Those moments are priceless and even though Flash wasn't there, at least it's here on the blog permanently recorded! At A&M we had Party Pics and they were great! I want someone like that at my house too.

Becky said...

my precious beautiful boy!!! i bet he was pretending to put out fires. wish i could have been in on the fun.