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Sunday, September 02, 2007

We're a 3 Loaf/ Week Family

When did this happen?
Seriously, I remember when Rusty and I would buy one loaf of bread a week, and still not finish it. We probably even bought bread every other week. That was when we bought the fancy bread. It had nuts in it, and was sliced thick. It was heart healthy, or something. But then...
You blink.
Black out.
Wake up.
Come to.
And you're a 3 loaf/week family.
3 LOAVES! Hello HEB brand 89 cent wheat bread.
We bought three loaves this week, and still ran out before our shopping day came.
I think Treston ate half of it.
What will it be like when I have three teenage boys in the house?
I forget how many gallons of milk Michelle Smith says they buy in a week.
Milk is more expensive, so atleast we're not guzzling milk like that, although we do buy plenty.
How many loaves of bread do the Brickers go through?
What about the Duggers, that family in AR who have like...27, or something, kids?
How many loaves of bread do they eat in a week?
It's crazy. It probably doesn't help that we have a one-year-old that eats more than the rest of them combined.
So keep in mind, people...children are a blessing!!! But they eat a lot!!! So start saving for your enormous grocery bill. HEB will be getting the majority of your paycheck!
Kiss Kroger and Albertson's goodbye. If you shop there out of convenience or to avoid the insanity that IS HEB, especially at this time of year (students are back and ALL hanging out at HEB with their parents) those days are over. You will peel out into the parking lot to get that "Shopping with a Child" parking spot, (if you park there without a child, Rusty WILL stop you and give you a lecture), pull TWO shopping carts, rather than one, as you shop, and avoid making eye contact with someone as they head toward the aisle you have your eye one, while increasing to super speed to get there first. HIll Country Fair will be your absolute favorite brand name, and your kids will never have to know that brand name diapers exist.
We used to "observe" the frantic, poor parenting going on from the Moms and Dads with baskets overflowing with smooshed groceries and many toddler arms and legs sticking out with sticky hands and faces from free cookies, that only keep them happy for a total of 15 seconds.
We are now THOSE PEOPLE!
Dear Lord, help us to be Christians at HEB!
But with all that said...I wouldn't trade it!
No matter how much bread they eat, and no matter that I'm about to embark on HEB with all of them in tow, it is great!!! Who needs fancy bread? Who needs to check-out in less than 20 minutes? Not us.


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I walk through HEB or Super Wal Mart saying "Jesus loves them as much as He loves me"!!

The Duggers spend like $1,500 when the go to the grocery store.

It is already starting here, Michael can eat an adult size portion, have seconds and then look at me 15 minutes later and say "I'm hungry"!!

I love generic...

Amanda said...

So funny Jenn!! I JUST saw Rusty and the kids at HEB. So great. I LOVE that I get to be one of the people who helps eat the three loaves of bread and other groceries, because it means I get to be spending quality time with your beautiful family. (I am so thankful for that!!) I love that Treston eats as much as everyone else at the table and we just laugh in amazement at him. love you!

Brian Seay said...

We go through a bag of organic apples a day! That means we spend about $120 a month on jsut apples. I remember the day when my monthly food budget exceeded my mortgage payment.

lisasmith said...

We eat two loaves organic honey wheat and one loaf HEB wheat. We drink at least 3 gallons of milk each week. Last week I bought 4 dozen eggs and we're already out!We can also eat a bag of Granny Smith's each day. I'm with Brian organic is costly...but, who can put a price on health, good eating habits and longevity due to healthy hearts? And, I wouldn't trade it for anything! I remember eating out...

The Kramer Family said...

Yikes, that's a lot of bread. KK eats like a bird so I don't see us making it to being a 2 loaf family anytime soon.

You just might have to move to the farm and grow your own stuff & bake your own bread........and wear prairie dresses!

Gabi gave me a fantastic bread recipe that is super healthy! I would write is down for you, but I fear that you would be baking bread ALL DAY LONG at this rate. Ha!

The Kramer Family said...

I just had a really funny image in my head picturing Jenn baking bread in a prairie dress with franticly flushed red cheeks! So funny.

Beth said...

Wait until they're teenagers and you're feeding them AND their hungry bottomless pit friends! It's expensive, but I like the fact that the teens are hanging out at our house so we can "keep and eye (and both ears!) out" on them.


Jennifer Bacak said...

I agree, Beth, I so want to be the cool hang-out place for our teenagers. (It's hard for me to imagine my babies as teenagers, but I know it will happen so fast!) We may need to take a second job to foot the HEB bill, but it will be great!

bricker said...

"How many loaves of bread do the Brickers go through?"

Well, we don't eat alot of bread, although grilled cheese sandwiches for the entire family easily takes a loaf. On the other hand, it takes an entire 5 pound bag of chicken nuggets to feed the kids at lunch. Personally, I encourage them to forage in the woods.