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Friday, August 31, 2007

Laugh till you snort

My sister-in-law, Liz, put this on her blog, and it's too funny! As Liz put it, you'll laugh till you snort. I did. I've watched it about six times now. This is exactly why we occasionally pause when pageants are on TV. Moments like this. Priceless.
I'm really mean, aren't I?
Y'all pray for me.


Hendrick Family said...

I know! Aaron told me this was the most watched video or some other crazy statistic...and I turned to him and said, "You don't think this poor girl is going to commit suicide or something do you?"

It's so funny...but oh my goodness...this poor girl! She will never live this down!


Hendrick Family said...

and such as

Jennifer Bacak said...

Heather, we did watch the video of Jimmy Kimmel breaking this down...it was hilarious. But then I watched this girl's response on the Today Show, and she didn't seem too suicidal. Don't worry, she's going to get her degree in graphic design, and solve world hunger...and such as (smile, smile.)
Pageants are so weird!!!

nancy said...

I saw the clip of her on the Today Show. She said that she only heard a couple of the words in the question. My thoughts were, "Wouldn't the intelligent thing to do be to ask her to repeat the question? Oh, wait -- never mind."

The Kramer Family said...

As a US American I think this is hilarious!

Thanks for sharing.

Liz said...

in reference to nancy's question...
no, its best not to say "what was the question again?
i was in a pageant.
i did that.
it didn't work.
but i'm very glad i said that instead of make up some stupid answer and have my face all over youtube.
(i don't think youtube even existed back then? that really dates me...)

Ryan Price said...

That's good stuff!

I think that as a society, we should really be investing in beauty pageants. I mean... this is obviously where our future leaders and representatives to the world are coming from!

All I know is that my daughter will be entering them by the time she's two!