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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

In A Doctor's Refrigerator...

There are some interesting things about being a doctor's wife.
You see people's rashes in Wal-Mart. (When they show them to Rusty.)
You get used to the on-call nights, where the phone can never stop ringing.
I used to hear every call, and now I hardly ever wake-up.
I have actually become quite a helpful nurse, where I can answer many medical questions, advise on some medicines, and take your basic info. for a prescription to be called in.
But another interesting thing about being a doctor's wife is what you might find in the refrigerator. It struck me the other day that we find things among the butter sticks and apple juice containers that a lot of you don't.
Right now in my refrigerators (because we have two), we have three examples:

1) hypodermic needles- people come over wanting things injected, and Rusty obliges.
2) Phenergan suppositories- I firmly believe every family should have these handy. You never know when a stomach virus from the devil is going to hit, and you will be calling us in a hurry.
3) A urine sample- No family should have this. This really grossed me out when I went to my outside fridge to find sliced turkey, and I found this instead. But sometimes people need their urine dipped, so here we are.

But HOLD THE PHONE! We have something really great in our refrigerator right now too!

The Chocolate Caramel Creamer has been restored to my refrigerator, and my life!
You may remember my love for this, and I posted about it long ago.
Well, ATTENTION HEB SHOPPERS, because they quit carrying it.
What is wrong with them?
Who makes these decisions?
Do they even drink coffee, or do they just randomly point to things in a catalog without thinking this through?
Well, I found myself in a creamer crisis this past week...we were going to run out...in the middle of the week.
I do my shopping on the weekend, and I don't go back. I try to NEVER step foot into HEB on a weekday.
But I had to go to Target for something, and I decided to grab some creamer there.
Lo and Behold, there was my beloved creamer.
Hello Happy Mornings!
We will face them together...we will read the Bible a little happier...we will warm and re-warm our coffee cup 20 times because it is so good.
I love you International Delights Chocolate Caramel Creamer.


Ryan Price said...

umm... I just don't know what I think about urine and suppositories in the Bacak frig... not cool, not cool...

lisasmith said...

I totally thought about you today when I opened my new Nestle Coffeemate chocolate raspberry creamer. It is mmmmmm...good. But, not from HEB either. I got it at Albertsons. I know, who goes there?

I even asked the dairy manager at HEB to please get the chocolate caramel creamer back. They have it at super walmart.

All this from one coffee creamer lover to another!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I'm so going to try the raspberry, Lisa! Thanks for the tip! I'm sure I'll like it, though Rusty probably won't.

brickmomma said...

mmmmm, I will have to try it. I am pretty regular sugar free hazelnut girl........maybe it's time to branch out!

Liz said...

yes on the phenergen
yes on the chocolate caramel creamer

i would say those are 2 absolute essentials in anyone's fridge

btw...i'm getting this weird rash...
oh nevermind, i'll just show it to ya when we come for justus' bday party.

Anonymous said...

so yea, the urine sample is pretty bad...see, this one time, when i was working in rusty's office, i was opening the mail (a regular duty of mine when I was there) - no big deal, right? WRONG...i came across something...started to open it...and I go, "Amy, what's this?" she just dies laughing and i look at her confused...between laughs she goes, "Arlene, its a stool sample!" I dropped it so fast, screamed and ran to the sink to wash my hands ASAP!!!! :)

being the daughter of a dr., we often had those things in our fridge as well! - minus the urine sample!

The Houstons said...

I share in the terrible frustration of HEB deciding randomly to not carry a favorite of mine as well... they are called Oh's cereal, and they are devine, they are made by Quaker and they are extremely hard to come by in this town now. So I am so glad you have found your lovely creamer again! It is such a grand feeling to reunite with a loved food!! :)

Jenn said...

jenn! you blessed someone at my work today....

she was talking about how she loved that creamer and i remembered that you saying it was at target. she was so excited!

thanks for sharing the wealth ;)

jenn crouse

Nicole said...

ok, thats just grosss :)
(the urine part)
but, since I saw Rusty today for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, I am certianly glad he's a doctor!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Angela, That Oh's cereal is good! I used to eat that when I was a kid! How could they have a thousand cereals on the cereal aisle, and not Oh's?
The HEB people and I need to have a sit-down.