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Monday, August 27, 2007

Back in the Swing of Things

Ahhhh, a schedule. How I love it.
We had a very lax summer schedule, and did school work here and there for the purpose of maintaining their math and reading skills. But I have really missed the routine! I was a little nervous, knowing that schooling Emma and Jax even more this year, and adding some Pre-K work for Justus, was going to be a lot! I was starting to wonder if we could pull it off! But today was wonderful!!! I am so glad to be back in the swing of things, and excited about everything we are going to learn. ( I do mean WE because I am already learning stuff!)Of course, I have wonderful Erin here with me in the morning to help out. What would I do without her? We are a great team! Love you Erin!

Emma started 1st grade today. She was really excited. She has been asking me for an alarm clock so she could wake-up in time for school to start! (Precious!) So we gave her an early birthday present last night. I found the alarm clock created just for Emma. It's a stuffed dog that barks when the alarm goes off. She wakes up to barking, and she is thrilled about it! She was actually so excited this morning, she woke-up before the barking, and lay there for a long time waiting for the barking. She had a great first day!!!

Jax started Kindergarten today!!! I can't believe it!!! We started out by journaling (drawing and writing) about "For God so loved the world..." and his journal, of course, consisted of pirates. I love him! He is rip-roarin' ready to go for Kindergarten and learning to read! We learned about nomads today, from ancient history, and he thought it was awesome that the men carried spears and killed animals. That stuck with him. He told the workers at the gym all about the nomads! My precious boy is a Kindergartener!!!

School in our pajamas/storm trooper costume. Love it!

It was Sage's first day of school too! Betcha' didn't even know we had a Sage, did ya? Well, Emma and Jax call her "Stage" so you could call her that, also.
Sage moved in last week. She will be here all year. She needed a place to live, and we needed a Sage. She is sleeping in Justus' room, which Justus was thrilled about, since he's had a major crush on Sage all last year. She was in our HOPE group, and he was always hitting on Sage during HOPE Group.
We are so excited to have her in our home this year! I had to take her picture as she was on her way out of the door for school, too.
I'm sure many of you all experienced first days of school today too! Hope it was a good one!


The Mosiers said...

I love school in the Bacak house! It just makes learning fun! I'm so excited and blessed to be apart of this school year. Thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of your daily lives.

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

We had a really good first day of school. I can not believe that Jax and Alex are in kindergarten. Alex loved it and loved his teacher and can not wait until tomorrow.
Michael is really excited about the challenges of 3rd grade and all he gets to learn!!!
I am so glad that y'all did well.

The Vann's said...

SO glad the kiddos had a great first day! We had so much fun at the party on saturday and getting to hang out with ya'll.. Jenn, thanks so much for tomorrow it means more than you can imagine! Ya'll are WONDERFUL friends!-nv