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Thursday, August 23, 2007

La Bodega!!!!!

Tonight I am going to La Bodega. I feel like this place is the best kept secret in town. If you live near College Station, TX, or EVER come here, this is important information for you. At least 50 times, I have mentioned my great love for this place, and people tell me they've never eaten there.
I'm baffled.
I'm confused.
It's right across the street from Cafe Eccel, and I've never met anyone in this town who's never been there.
It's owned by the Cafe Eccel owners.
It's in Northgate.
It's guacamole!
a+b is not equalling c.
I'm going tonight, and I am super excited. It may be ridiculous and a little sad that I get this excited about food, but if you know me, you are not surprised in the least.
I will have the queso guac, Crab Enchiladas, and of course, a Strawberry Tart. (Beamed down from heaven to Cafe Eccel, and transported across the street to me.)
I also recommend the burritos, because they're nothing like the burritos served on a school lunch tray that come to my mind...nothing! And I've never had the tacos, but I've heard they're good.
Their chips and salsa are even the hands-down best, if you ask me.
This is also our favorite date night site. This is where Rusty and I sit in a booth and look at each other. And as soon as we sit down, we take a deep breath, as if taking in the quiet of a restaurant and adult conversation, and Rusty says "You're pretty." I say "me?" and he nods affirmatively. Then he winks at me. This is a date night ritual. Gosh, I love date nights. I smell pretty. I wear clothes NOT smeared with undesirable things. I do my hair. (at least a little.) I eat guacamole, across from my favorite person ever. What could be better?
So I just felt the obligation to spread the word. It's almost never crowded, so selfishly I thought "why tell people?" but it's just too good to keep to myself. Awfully altruistic of me, hu?
Anything for you people.

JUST A TIP: La Bodega is one of our more pricey date night places, but we get on www.restaurant.com and occasionally (like this past week) their coupons are 1/2 off and we buy a $25 value coupon for $5. You must spend $35 to use this, so ultimately we spend $15. If this confuses you, go to restaurant.com and check it out. We are using a dining certificate from there tonight. I feel like I've beat the system!


Ana Hoeksema said...

that's OUR place! oh, i miss the bodega and i would bathe in that salsa if i could. try the chicken tacos sometime...they (were) my favorite! i always asked for extra cabbage and cilantro...then i piled on the salsa. i usually had to take my tart home for later...but, yes...always a tart. love you, have fun without me! ana
ps- nothing wrong with loving food!

Amanda said...

I hope the food was as great tonight as it was when you were dreaming about this afternoon! :)

Jennifer Bacak said...

I know, Ana, I miss you! Yes, always a tart to take home. There's never room for it when I'm there, but soo good.
Ana, come back and go to La Bodega with me!!!!

Liz said...

never been there..never heard of it.
now, mexican food is pretty near and dear to my heart....so i need to try this.
i feel like i might be cheating on Lupe Tortilla or Chuy's...but if you say its good...

dang, we need a date night.
i guess my husband has to be in town for that to work?

LD said...

I eat at La Bodega everytime I come to College Station. No joke. I think it might be my favorite restaurant there... maybe even ever. I can vouch for the tacos but it is an absolute must to order extra cilantro lime sauce (has Heather has that stuff, yet? she might die). It's the best sauce in the world. I put it in my beans, I eat it with my chips... I could probably drink it straight. That's gross. Maybe not. Now I'm craving it... I'm going to have to make a trip up there soon.

brickmomma said...

we are going there tonight!! we have just started our date nights and my m-i-l had a gift cert for us to use there! We don't go oftten enough but tonight is the night! The fish tacos are scrumptious!

Hope you had fun~

brickmomma said...

ps- i just bought a $25 gc for 12.50 at mix 104.7's website. that'll be out next date night. and i saw on kbtx's website that next thurs am at 7 they are selling $50 roadhouse gc for $25... date nights all around!

theBirkenfelds said...

We are glad you posted this because it reminded me that we have a buy one get one free entree coupon that we have yet to use!

Also just to give you comfort- Aaron Cave (the guy who made randomshirts.com) said that what he misses most about CS is La Bodega and they used to idolize the chips. :)

JJ said...

no good tex-mex here in the arklatex... i miss chuy's and pappasito's soooo much...

oh...i'm sure your place is good too...

does it make me gay that I am the only guy blogger I know?

theBirkenfelds said...


Hey! So I know I don't know you but just for encouragement, my husband blogs all the time! This is my first night to actually make my own comments and what not. But all of our postings are from him!

So you are definitely not the only one, and maybe ya'll can be friends! I think he feels alone sometimes too! lol.

The Kramer Family said...

I'm one of those losers who has never eaten at this place.

I guess I always forget about it or something. I really need to try since Mexican food is one of my favorites!

I vote the next b-day lunch be at La Bodega!

Thanks for the recommendation!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Yes, I introduced Heather to this place very early in our friendship.

Jennifer Bacak said...

You are right about the Mexican food in AR. Do you remember that choir tour of...what year was that? Where we stopped for Mexican food, and we were all sick. It was so disghusting? Seriously, what year was that? Which musical was that? Let's Go To The Hop? Our kids really must all see that one day. Dang we're old.

Beth said...

Apparently, restaurants.com hasn't heard of North Dakota. No coupons for restaurants around here.


Ryan Price said...

umm... La Bodega is a best kept secret of this little town of ours. You should really try the Crispy Fish Tacos some time. Really good. But, I don't blame you for sticking with the crap enchiladas... you just can't go wrong with them!