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Monday, August 13, 2007

A Heart For Worship

Look at my super serious dancer!
We had Kidshine last night, and it was awesome!
Emma had her "game day" face on, as Rusty puts it. She was all business.
She was really nervous beforehand. The perfectionist in her (a little like her Daddy!) was really coming out, and the thought that she could make a mistake was intolerable to her! Almost panicky!
What we loved about last night was it was all about worship. It was a worship service led by the kiddos. They prayed sweet prayers, sang praise songs at the top of their lungs, shared their succinct testimonies, and danced their hearts out. The Children's Minister, Howard, preached a great sermon about how we hinder the children from coming to Jesus, like the disciples did in the Bible, and reminded parents that they are imitating us. We are supposed to be modeling Christ to them all the time! The video skits of the kids acting like grown-ups, being sinful examples, was so good! Like Moms gossipping on the phone, Dads stealing office supplies, lying to get discounts, yelling at each other, etc. I'm sure every parents' heart was pricked.
The fact that this was ALL ABOUT worship, we were able to answer Emma's fears simply; this was not a performance, where the outcome depended on her. All that mattered was a heart of worship. That was truly the point of the entire night. I love that our church has never done goofy kids musicals, where gobs of people come to snap their cameras at their cute kids, but never feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit before they leave the building.
The Holy Spirit was speaking loudly last night, and I truly worshiped along with the kids.
What a blessing to see my Emma taking part in something like that!
It was nothing short of wonderful.
Thanks to all of the adults who worked with the kids in Kidshine! You are a blessing to our families!
We were so proud of Emma. She looked pint-sized up there, next to all the other kids! We are proud that she enjoyed worshiping all summer with Kidshine, and that she is learning how to lean on Jesus. What joy to watch our kids fall in love with the Lord!


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Emma looked so beautiful and did such a great job.

The Lord definately deserved the standing ovation He received last night.

The Vann's said...

I am SO disappointed we didn't get to go, i had been looking forward to it all week! It was good to see you guys this weekend, wish we could have spent more time hangingout! Hope Rusty is feeling better! Send our love to the kiddos!- nv

Amanda said...

You are right Jenn, last night was such a blessing. The kids were wonderful, and it wasn't about them. Emma is so talented!!! She has so much potential and so many great gifts...I am loving watching her grow.

Ryan Price said...

Yeah... Kidshine was really good. It was so awesome to be able to just hear a LOUD choir of kids singing to Jesus. And you're right, I always hate those silly kids productions where everything is so fake and rehearsed. This was NOTHING like that. It was great to just be able to worship like we always do, but be reminded of what it's like to be a kid.

Great job Kidshine people!

Hendrick Family said...


Kids singing to Jesus...nothing better!!

Cindy Seay said...

There is nothing like watching your grand-daughter singing praise to the Lord. She is amazing!