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Sunday, September 16, 2007

New and Upcoming Theory About "What Happenned to the Dinosaurs?"

This past week we learned about dinosaurs in our little homeschool. What a fun unit! So the kids learned about extinction, and about the two main theories that exist concerning why the dinosaurs became extinct. I had them come up with their own theory and draw a picture of it, and this is what Jax told me:

What do YOU think might have happenned to the dinosaurs?

I think the pirates shooted at the sun, and the sun came in the water, and the light was burned out. So they had to sleep every time, and they can't breathe, so they DIED, and were stinct. (extinct)


Jennifer Bacak said...

I don't know if this theory has been fully explored due to the extreme prejudice against pirates still existing today.

ari said...

Interesting theory. The poor dinosaurs just caught up in the pirates plotting against the sun. It really is very very tragic: "stinction."

nancy said...

His theory makes as much sense as others I've heard. And his is cuter than any "stinction" theory out there.

Amanda said...

How precious!! I love this pirate so much!! I love the wonderful things that come out of his mouth that can't be laughed at because it upsets him. He is such a treasure!! (as are all the Bacak children!)

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I think that is what happened too.

Cindy Seay said...

I knew there had to be pirates involved. Great theory!
i love you, Jax!

bekah said...

this is pretty much as valid as the other theories, and also more colorful.

i like how you think, cap'n.

love you sweet boy,