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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Treston Update

Treston eating his 1st birthday cake.

Treston taking some of his first steps.

God has done a wonderful thing!
He is carrying to completion the good work he started in giving Treston to this family.
Brief recap: Treston came to our home last December as a foster-to-adopt baby. This means his parental rights had not been terminated or relinquished. But New Life was looking for a foster situation that could very well be permanent. God spoke clearly to us that this was His plan, even though we didn't know if we'd have him for a week, or for forever. (There's a big descrepency in those options.) We stepped out in faith, and asked God to give us his heart for the fatherless. Well, loving and bonding with Treston was absolutely effortless! Our whole family was completely taken with him from Day 1. We have been longing to make him fully ours...for the law to catch up with what had already happenned in our hearts...and we've been waiting, waiting, and waiting.
Friday was our day in court. A judge here in Brazos County would finally hear our case and decide what would be best for Treston.
We have been praying and fasting as we approached this day. We have had to give Treston to Him in a way you can't imagine unless you have had the threat of a child being removed from you. It's unthinkable. But God continues to remind me that not one of my children belongs to me. They are His, and He loves them more than I do. We have soaked up the scriptures about how God cares for the fatherless and the orphans. We have been learning to trust Him, and put our hope in no one else! I could share with you countless scriptures that we have clung to...Jeremiah 17:5-8, Phil. 4:6-7, Psalm 10:12-18, Psalm 127:3-5, James 1:27.
Friday came, and we were ready.
I had one of those moments, as Rusty and I were walking up to the courthouse that I knew I would never forget. We were walking, silently, gripping each other's hands. I felt the enormity of this day. Our lives were about to change.
I don't want to reveal too much about Treston's case or his story, but I want you to know that God did a wonderful thing in that courtroom. He moved. In less than 30 minutes, the judge ruled in favor of Treston staying with us.
We walked out of the courtroom, almost speechless, misty-eyed, amazed!
It was done!
All we have to do now is wait for our next court date, and that will be our most joyful adoption day! We will go as a family before the judge and legally change his name with a new birth certificate and all. He will be a full-fledged Bacak, legal and all!
That sounds weird to me...he feels so much the same as my other kids, why doesn't he have our last name yet? God has truly knit our hearts together as mother and son.
I'm here to testify, if you wonder how you could love a child you haven't given birth to like this, YOU CAN! There is nothing in me, not even a speck of my heart that feels differently about him. He is our baby, and God planned him for this family before time began.
Tonight at church, I was so overwhelmed at what He's done!!! We sang "How Great is our God" and He is so great, there is no offering of worship and thanksgiving big enough to express that to Him! I practically ran to the front, kneeled at the altar, and wept, with my hands raised as high as I could get them. Our God is good! He has gone to great lengths to save Treston, and fill a hole in our family we once didn't even know was there. He does not with hold good things from us. He has given us the gift of this little life to point towards Him.
We are praising God and giving him all the glory for this good work!
Please pray for Treston's birthmom, her salvation, healing, and for a potential opportunity for us to minister to her.
I hope to post adoption party pics very soon. We are ready to celebrate this baby who has not yet been celebrated! It is time!!! We will finally get to dedicate him at church. We will finally send out adoption announcements. What a joy!
Praise God for Treston, and for what He has done in his life already! I can't fathom the big plans He must have for his life!


Hendrick Family said...

Praising God with you, my friend!


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Praise God, He is so big and so good!!!

Laurie said...

A beautiful love story, Jenn. So thankful to God for the ways in which he has blessed you and Treston, as well as your entire family.

Amanda said...

So good!! I am so thankful! Love you!

Kirby said...

I love this little boy...and so does Asher!

This is SO WONDERFUL...what a God of WONDERS He is!

Hope Road said...

No words other than Thank you, come to mind. Thank you for being such a role model and an inspiration in my life. Thank you for showing me that adoption can be done differently than the world does it. Thank you for being vunerable and opening up your heart. Thank you for allowing God to use you in my life. Thank You!

Jenn said...

Praise God Jenn!

Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

So neat! PTL!!!
We love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Treston Bacak!!!! That has such a great ring to it :) Thank you Lord for placing Treston into this amazing home! May all the glory be yours :)

texasinafrica said...

Thanks for sharing this.

Some friends who were in a similar situation had to return their foster daughter to the birth mother last week and we've been thinking a lot about how sometimes God asks us to open ourselves to serious pain and hurt, all for the sake of doing what's right. I'm so glad that your family's story had a happy ending.

The Kramer Family said...

I'm late getting into this one, but I'm giving the Lord a major shout out on this one! He is good all of the time.

We love the Bacak Nation!